Australia Elections

I don’t know anything about the penal island politics. Anybody know what this means?

Sounds like the climate guy lost and the tax cut guy won?

Irony is the labor party…which is now the green enviroweenies lost to working people. They wanted mining jobs that labor party wanted to curtail.

This part also caught my attention

The result will be devastating for the center-left Labor Party, which had been ahead in every opinion poll during the campaign and had expected to easily form a government after Saturday’s vote.

LOL sound familiar? The Hillary basically had her entire cabinet picked out. Firework display, victory party. :rofl:

All of my Australian friends on Facebook are crying about it, and complaining about Trump in the same oral flatulence. Sounds like Australia had a good day.

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Damn Russians!


“Looks like fear won again” was on particular howl that caught my eye. It was followed by the usual lamentations of anyone who voted for the victors as well. It’s like a lame ass script being read across English-speaking nations by sore losers as SOP.

The Butterfly Effect is not unappreciated though. We had a fantastic storm today and the yard looks immaculate.

West Aussie might be able to explain but he may be off, recovering from the results.

2016 and Brexit. There seems to be a universal bias, no?

Any articles yet in Australian media interviewing people who said if they had it to vote all over again they would vote for labor now?

And all the polls were wrong ‘Again’.

Isn’t this the exact opposite from what our friend westovinenation said was certain to happen?

Much like so many in this country who were equally sure of a Hillary victory in 2016. I love a good emotional breakdown. :wink:

Pretty much every polling outlet was predicting the opposite results. The quiet conservative vote is either real or polling has went to the gutters.

I hope that australian person is ok.

Probably suffering from ptsd after the results.

Well, I have to say, that after being pummeled by WA’s rhetoric about how his side was going to obliterate the opposition and make them extinct, this result somewhat restores my faith in Australians. Apparently they are not all sheep as we were being led to believe.

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Perhaps we should all send him condolence PMs. :wink:

Any new news?

At the moment it is projected that the LNP may win 78 of the 151 seats in the House of Reps;a net increase of 2 seats and Labor are projected to lose 2. However, one of the those seats has a margin of only 46 votes; so a recount will occur in that seat. In essence, the election was won and lost in Qld where the ALP performed extremely badly. The poor performance in Qld by the ALP is the reason why the national polls were not accurate.

It was noteworthy that a former Liberal Party PM was defeated in a very safe Liberal seat by an Independent who campaigned on climate change.

Given Trump’s recent rant about Alexander Downer it is interesting to note that Downer’s daughter, who is extremely right wing, had more than a 2% swing against her in her second failed attempt to win the seat of Mayo.

My home state of Western Australia unfortunately maintained its reputation as strongly pro-Liberal in Federal elections.

Labor will re-group under a new leader and be ready to fight another federal election in 30-36 months.

Houston Texans fan?

No idea what you are referring to.