Auntie Esther Maxine Slams Chuck n' Nancy

Auntie Maxine, the beloved new face of the dem party flatulates on her own reeking party bosses Shoomerclown 'n Nancy. Gives ugly face look. Sweet music to conservative dem watchers…

Maxine Waters: Pelosi, Schumer ‘Will Do Anything to Protect Their Leadership’
1 Jul 2018 (Breitbart)

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) responded to both Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) denouncing her remarks calling for citizens to confront members of President Donald Trump’s administration in public, saying Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” the two “will do anything to protect their leadership.”

“You know, I was surprised at Chuck Schumer, you know reached into the other house to do that,” Waters said to host Joy Reid. “I’ve not quite seen that done before, but one of the things I recognize, being an elected official, is in the final analysis, you know, leadership like Chuck Schumer’s will do anything that they think is necessary to protect their leadership.”

Dems are soooo screwed. Hee hee!

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Auntie Esther? Wow, racist much?


Its a documented racist slur. Do a Google search.

Auntie? Why didn’t the OP called Pelosi “auntie” as well?
Nice little dog whistle.

Well this is off to an excellent start.

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“Auntie Maxine, the beloved new face of the dem party”

You guys are desperately trying to make it so, and it’s a gigantic failure. She’s a sitcom character and she can’t be vilified like Hillary.

Tell your hivemind masters to stick to older white women that cognitively prime voters to access the evil witch schema in their minds. You even messed up by adding “Ester”–a grandma’s name–to your title, which has the opposite effect you want.

You guys were putting in good work on Elizabeth Warren. I have no idea why you changed up your offense like this.

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Maxine Waters = new face of the Democrat party.
Abolish ICE and have congress replace it with something better = Democrats want open borders.
The press asking questions = #1 enemy of the American people.

psssst: Here is a clue. A whole bunch of Americans are not buying the labels you guys are throwing around.

It seems that so many of the Trump supporters here who participate in grade school level name calling have just learned well from their hero.

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How is that racist?

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:rofl: “documented racial slur!!!”

I can reply, but its pointless to do it.

Repeal and replace ice with what? Allowing ice to do their job and they will do it.

The democrats that are floating the idea of abolishing ICE refer to the INS prior to 2003. They claim that since it was under direction of the DOJ it was more efficient at processing illegals.

It didn’t work back then. Ice should be able to expedite illegals directly out of the country.

Politics aside, but Aunt Esther though? Really?

I don’t like the recent comments Maxine Waters has made and she is not the face of the Democratic party. She is one of our extremes.

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Why do you think it didn’t work back then?

The name calling…so important for anyone trying to be taken seriously.

You want to be taken seriously…start a thread that starts off with racial name calling.

And before any of you ask why is that racist. It is. Her name is Maxine Waters. Calling someone an Aunt Esther is likening her to the miserable Aunt Esther on Sanford and Son. Let’s get down to it. Isn’t that what Mr. Oldtimer is saying here. I’m done fighting with conservatives who’s only point in making a thread is to call people out of there names. Make Racially motivated statements, and then bully people. Mr. Oldtimer. Have fun. You will probably be banned shortly.

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Are you kidding? Have you seen the Census stats on their numbers in the US? Do you think the 80,s amnesty/instant citizenship hispanics had nothing better to do than stay at home popping out babies?