Attorney General Keith Ellison to elevate charges against officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck; also charging other 3 involved

All we can say for sure, if he gets off, it won’t be the Democratic AG’s fault, or the Democratic mayor or governor of the state where it happened. It will be Trumps fault.


Yes. Damn Trump.

Also why was George Floyd was out doing his walk about knowing he had tested positive?

How many others had he infected during that period? How many may have died?

True and that is well within our rights, protesting that is. I chose no wait and see. I feel this way because how might a jury be influenced to react. Mind you I speak as a layman towards law. This might be nothing to worry about.

Wow. So he had a heart attack that might not have occurred if he wasn’t a druggy. That is going to be one heck of a trial. On the one hand we may have the facts and on the other hand we may have the politics.

You know, the way the degree of murder was moved up as the unrest increased…there are beginning to be some aspects of this that look like an old fashioned lynching.

It seems that a lot of people are rushing through all the details to come up with the decision that the jury must have even before the trial has started or all the evidence assembled. He may be guilty of some degree of homicide, but the degree just isn’t that settled IMO.

From the internet: Hypertensive heart disease includes heart failure , thickening of the heart muscle, coronary artery disease , and other conditions.

But the point is…even with all those other diseases when they die with them but had CV…they died with CV. :wink:

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Yeah, I get it I get it.

But another part, he had serious heart problems and took drugs that could have made those worse. He could have died much more easily than a normal healthy person of his age. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t some sort of homicide, but it certainly opens up the argument that the cop had no reasonable expectation that Floyd would die from what he was doing. It makes reckless homicide seem more likely.
Now, at this point is it politically possible to let him off with something like that?

They must have been reading my posts? :sunglasses:

Ellison needs to be investigated for his ties to the Antifa terrorists organization.

Is it illegal to eat food until you are 30 pounds over weight?
Can being 30 pounds over weight cause heart issues?
If a 30 pound overweight man was treated in identical fashion to Mr. Floyd, he would have died as well.
Would his death be his being overweight?
No it would still be murder.
It is not Mr. Floyd’s fault he is dead, he was murdered.
It is just one more disgusting way to degrade Mr. Floyd.
I posted some where else that George Bush Jr. used cocaine a lot when he was younger, and he became President. His wife killed someone while under influence herself, she became first lady.
Mr. Floyd uses himself, so he wasn’t murdered because of that?
The whole drug thing is meant to degrade a dead man, I believe.