Atlantic Article on Trump Disparaging Military

Why is this not a viable topic of discussion? This is a current event. The OP seems fine to me. It’s worthy of discussion. Trump’s denial has an obvious and provable lie in it. Other than it being negative against Trump, what possible reason is there for this being slopped away? Why would we not want this topic discussed here. In the 3 other political forums I am a member of, this is a leading thread. It has brought in new members and older members who don’t post frequently. Wouldn’t that be a goal for this forum? To increase membership and activity?

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I don’t understand how the Trump cemetary topic is considered “gossip” and needs to be slopped/fever dreamed, but the Q posts thread is just fine. The AP independently confirmed some of the comments.

If Trump is a protected figure on this discussion board, just tell us. We’re all big boys and girls, we can handle it.

Wait a minute.

I put it back. I overreacted and was unfair on this one.

Whether or not it stays depends on what is posted.

@calirepub that meme has to go. We’re not going to use soldier coffins. If there’s another case of somebody doing it, delete it or let me know and I will.

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Thank you.

Fair enough.

Yeah I still don’t know why mine is in Fever Dreams. You said no sources, not even unnamed sources - I showed that the article cited unnamed sources.

The Atlantic article is he said he said. It’s garbage.

The second thread has AP claiming they verified it, although they don’t claim the “sources” were independent, just that they contacted “a source” themselves. Likely the same “source”.

Right, so still unnamed sources.

It’s over.