Atlanta shooter kills 8..."Taken into custody without incedent"

Not an incident that warrants killing after he is stopped.

Neither is running away in a Wendy’s parking lot when the cops already have your info. Or trying to cashi a forged check

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I am going to guess his nickname is Biscuit.

It will be transfer well to the State Pen.

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Look, if there are white cops out there who allow criminals to get away because they are white or allowing them to live for the same reason. They are not very good at this bias toward whites things. Why? Because white criminals generally prey on white people. You don’t do white people a favor by leaving white criminals alone.

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Its just funny that you criticize others for something that you are actively doing yourself

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Is this where we pretend cops never kill white suspects?


It wasn’t a criticism.

No its where we pretend there aren’t 2 standards

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Because there aren’t. Cops are more likely to shoot a white suspect, so actually there are.

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These two standards can exist at the same time. Cops can go easier on white criminals AND white criminals can target white people.


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Right and then I can point out they aren’t just racist but stupid to boot.

Anyway. I’m still betting this dude was trying to get revenge on women because he was rejected once.

That’s my assumption as well. A rejection fueled prejudice

Peer reviewed, science.

Don’t you believe in science?

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Well. Seems there are some “sex-addiction” motivations present.

The religious zealot who confessed to killing eight people in a string of shootings at Asian massage parlors in Georgia on Tuesday night told police he has sex-addiction issues and wanted to “eliminate” the “temptation,” authorities said Wednesday.

“It may be the targets of opportunity… we believe he frequented these places in the past and may have been lashing out,” Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds said Wednesday.

That study doesn’t refute what I said. All it does is say that white cops aren’t more likely to shoot minority suspects than black cops are.

A new peer-reviewed study of fatal police shootings says that white officers are not more likely to shoot and kill minority suspects. Critics contend it doesn’t address racial disparities by police

You didn’t think I was finished did you?

A religious zealot with a sex addiction. He likely killed them because he blamed them for his sickness

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That study was based on simulations