Atlanta shooter kills 8..."Taken into custody without incedent"

I don’t know that. He was heavily religious and seeking to absolve himself and others of the sin of fornicating. It hasn’t been explored but seeing how prominent a place Evangelical Christianity played into his life it’s certainly worth taking a look at.


Well, if that was his goal he obviously had no idea what Christianity would have to say about such a plan. Unless you can show me where Christian theology supports it?

There’s a whole Commandment about adultery and it’s punishable by death.

We also have to consider after their overwhelming support for Trump that Evangelical Christianity isn’t really a religion, it’s a political movement that controls its followers through a deity.


Yes, but when you want to prove something sometimes it is better to go with an anecdotal incident than studies.



That’s silly.

OMG. Please stop racializing everything. By doing this this only response you illicit is this one.

And so easy professional bombmakers routinely blow themselves up. And are usually missing fingers.

Doesn’t usually work out real well for mass shooters either.

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Las Vegas…Killed 60, wounded 411.

And? You want to stack that up against record arsons or bombs?

He got the Royal Rittenhouse treatment.

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David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, David Wheeler, Candy Lightner, Shannon Watts.

Who were they before activists and policy influencers?

Not sure but the thread started with typical accusations of racism within the first 3 posts as do they all regardless the topic.

Another attack. A white guy. Responsible for at least two recent attacks.

The shop in San Antonio they spray painted “Kung Flu” and other choice phrases on the windows.

Lol I do love how this dude got beat by an elderly woman.