Atlanta shooter kills 8..."Taken into custody without incedent"

"After he shot and killed 8 people, Robert Aaron Long was “arrested without incident.”⁣

They didn’t shoot him even though he was armed and dangerous and had just slaughtered people all over Atlanta.

⁣They didn’t beat the life out of him, which I’ve seen police do to non-violent BLACK school children. ⁣

They didn’t choke him to death like they did Eric Garner" ⁣

Stole that from a FB post…

Why do I doubt that it would have ended same way if the shooter was black…


There should be a law against this.

I’m less interested in why he was taken into custody alive and unharmed (that’s a given), and more interested in the shooter’s motivation. Why did he target Asians?


For as long as this hangs in POLITICS rather than true crime.

Perp might have actually cooperated once cornered…just a thought.

Why are Asians being exploited? Were they working on a legal VISA?

Lots to unravel.

Apparently it took a chase and a PIT maneuver to get him to cooperate.

Robert Aaron Long, 21, was taken into custody without incident, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Long was reportedly driving south on Interstate 75 in Crisp County when he was outmaneuvered by the state trooper.

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I thought it was only black people who targeted Asians.

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My guess it had something to do with trafficking, these are massage parlors right? Not anti-Asian sentiment.

Possibly. But why target individuals who may have been trafficked? Maybe he was going after the owners? Seems odd.

We should punish law abiding citizens for this.


You think he murdered them because he was upset that they were being exploited?

Rival? Competition? Disgruntled? Not saying every AMP is a sex trafficking business but many of them are. Just seems to me if you were just out to kill as many Asians as possible you wouldn’t randomly pick all massage parlors.

Of course not. Why would anyone assume the person driving around town targeting Asian women was anti-Asian?


Assume away.

A 23 year old message parlor owner?

Or working for one. Sex trafficking also attracts organized crime, easier to demand a cut of an illegal business.

Honestly, when ■■■■ like this goes down, it’s typically because a man was spurned by a woman. My guess is this man was rejected by an Asian woman at some point.



That is what without incident implies.

Looks like an anti social basement dweller from the photo.


That’s right, you can guess, so can I.

I guess. Having to physically stop a fleeing car with another car seems like an incident to me. To each their own.

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