Athiesm, Anarchy, Satanism


Isn’t baseless speculation fun?


Children aren’t deployed. Even so, not sure what help you would be.


So you never refer to your adult offspring as “children.” Got it. Sometimes an adult offspring needs to talk to her mom. It is called being there. Thanks for letting me know I was no help at all. Reality is important.


Good family values party cares about $$$ more than values


:rofl: you been living under a rock for 10 years? Remember Merrick Garland??


Clinton left office 25 years ago. A large percentage of the voting-age population couldn’t vote for him or weren’t even born. You’re having an old people’s argument.


It’s always for the best to sell out your moral standards for some extra $$$ in your paycheck. MAGA


You tried to compare being deployed to talking to someone who has been deployed. Sorry. No comparison.


Right you would have be born in like 1976 or something


If my math is correct, you have to 44 or older to have been able to vote for Clinton.


No, I didn’t. You jumped to that conclusion. Most people can distinguish the difference between being a mom and being deployed. Sorry I confused you.


Shrug. It wasn’t an argument, but a statement of fact of when things changed for me. Pleasant conversation, nothing more.


Why in the world would you make bill Clinton your standard bearer? What an incredibly defeatist attitude


Armycowboy asked if you had ever been deployed. In direct response to that question, you said you had a “child” who was deployed. Where’s the confusion?


And apparently neither do you. Which makes you part of the problem. I sat out in 2016. Sorry. I dont sell out for tax cuts.


Yeah I’m gonna disagree with this. There are some human beings out there, so uncivilized, so driven by animalistic instinct, that the only solution to their barbarity is a bullet.


You tell me.


When I think of God, political groups tend to fall toward the bottom of the list I think about. Neither party is completely aligned with biblical principles and with either party it boils down to which sins is one most comfortable with.


It sucks when the Democrats love Anarchy, the Devil, Socialism, public crapping in the streets(just like in California, where the Democrats run the majority of the state), no morals, think they’re above the law(like with Benghazi, or Clinton going to fantasy island). Plus Obama, obstruction, when he knew of illegal actions that the Democrats were doing, and did nothing about it, said nothing about it.
Those things sound pretty anti- Jesus to me.
I’m just curious, but how long has this been a saying for Conservatives? God, Family, Country! And where have you been politically for the last 40+ years? lol.
It’s been part of our belief system for over 40+ years.


One thing trump has shown is that the whole family values thing was total BS