Athiesm, Anarchy, Satanism


Non Christians should find their own country.


Light that constitution on fire!


Fosho we definitely shouldnt hold our Presidents up to the highest moral standards lol


I just expect better of my presidents.

Clinton was a creep piece of garbage, too.


For the first time in my life time a person running for President outlined what he wanted to do, why he wanted to do it–and then followed through. The first time, ever. He owed no one favors, and no lobby(s) had a hold on him.

It is no one’s business what the man does in his private life, and for the news media to dig into such things is a poor reflection on them. What the Democrats did to Brett Kavenaugh–when there was clearly a private avenue open to them–is appalling. What a nation of gossips we are!

For every issue before us, the media should be covering the cost, who pays for it, and who profits from it. What are the benefits, what are the pitfalls?

I do not consider any human being garbage. There are many Presidents I did not vote for, while wishing them well and hoping for their success. That people cannot do the same for President Trump while patiently waiting for their chance to vote him out of office is, in my book, shameful.


Are you sure about that?


When I think of fake ass religion and tiny crackers and tiny glasses of wine and empty platitudes about god flag and country I think of Conservatism. When I think of Satanism I think of those same people losing their minds in the 80s.


There are a lot of people who can easily be considered garbage due to their actions.


For many of us, religion is the Way of how to live a joyful, fulfilling life. Think Beatitudes and Commandments, perhaps; think of a large capacity for love and forgiveness. The ceremonies you misunderstood can be understood much differently for some.


Then I am fortunate not to have met any.


More power to you. I wasn’t belittling that. I was belittling fake religiosity as seen in our President and non-nuanced divisiveness like the OP.


You’ve never been deployed, have you?


I agree with the poster who suggested not mixing politics and religion. It doesn’t work to use politics to boost religion; and it doesn’t work to boost religion with politics.


Ever help a child who has been deployed deal with witnessing beheadings?


And you don’t think some people are garbage?


So is your support of Trump and you not caring about him being amoral is all due to Clinton? So that kinda odd but OK. Or are you one silly Trump supporters that think someone like armycowboy is a Clinton supporter and not you just pulled a “gottcha” on him be typing Bill Clinton?


Lol ya sure he did


I’m confused. Obama didnt do anything he planned to do or wanted to do or laid out? That’s funny.


There is that divine spark in all of us. It is also humbling to see how the power of love can work within the imperfect. There are imperfect moments in everyone’s life. Sometimes we need to think back to the ten-year-old, or to think ahead to the 85-year-old.


In addition to any response from Koushi…

The Bill Clinton saga taught us that politicians and even most the electorate don’t care one iota about morality or truthfulness. Reputations are there to be smeared in the name of power. Those who are the worse at destroying the reputations of their opponents are the first to shed big crocodile tears when it is done to them. Most of us wish we had a choice between wading through hip-deep vomit rather than keeping ourselves informed of what is happening in state and national government. Those who happily put up with the Clintons have no credibility now when wailing about President Trump.