Athiesm, Anarchy, Satanism

When you think of God, what political group do you think of?
When you think of Athiesm, Satanism, and the denial of God, what political group do you think of?

Cause me personally, when I think of Conservatism, I think about God, Flag, and Country.
Democrats seem to like to kneel for the flag instead of stand for it, be ashamed that we should love our country and apologize for it to other countries, while being the laughing stock of the nations, and they love to accept everyone’s religions or spiritual beliefs, no matter if it worships the devil, or are witches, or anything else that may be sick or demented religion or spiritual wise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for acceptance, but I do believe that there is a limit personally, and the Democrats have no limitations.

Ayn Rand, one of the most famous (or infamous) conservative philosophers of the 20th century, was a hardcore atheist.

When I think of conservatism, I think of dumbed down opinions of complex topics. I think of people who believe wearing a flag lapel pin is more important than demonstrating the qualities the flag is supposed to represent.


When you think of cheating on your wife, who just gave birth to your child, with a porn star and playboy playmate, and having your son enforce a hush agreement, which party do you think of?


Movement/Social conservatives. Not all of us are like that. And we detest the movement cons as much as any liberal does.

It creates an unholy alliance on discussion boards as classical conservatives often find theirselves allied with liberals on certain matters against social/movement conservatives.

So 1 out of how many? lol. I love the fact that Democrats will say something, and it happens like one out of 1,000 or worse odds, and yet they think that their point is valid.
Well, I could win the mega millions tomorrow, and I could also get struck by lighting in the same day, but I doubt either one will happen. Especially both in one day.

If only that alliance moved to the ballot box we might live in a much better country.

Or you could be just like Democrat activists and threaten U.S. Senators, and harass them, or try and shoot at them?
Possibly hold protests that fly the Mexican flag, and burn the American flag?
I’m sure that’s American to you Democrats, but not to most people who have common sense and logic, and morality.

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I’m not a democrat.

There are plenty of non-religious conservatives. I’m to the right on the majority of issues and I’m basically just a deist. I’m not religious anymore but I do not claim there is no God.

Most democrats are religious. Most Americans are religious. Like overwhelmingly so. Over 70% are Christians. It’s not just republicans who hold that card.

This is in the religion thread. I’m not sure why you’re getting off topic?

It makes me laugh when Trump toadies mention morality.


Most of us just vote for third party candidates in protest. I voted for Johnson last go round.

Had the democrats nominated someone other than Hillary I would have considered voting for a liberal candidate solely out of my detest for Trump. But unfortunately the dems has to nominate someone I detest just as much as Trump. So I couldn’t pull the lever for either of those two crappy options and keep my principles somewhat intact.

When I think about conservatism I think about baseball, baby Jesus, and apple pie. Simpler days of yore when everyone looked after each other, when children were innocent, flowers and puppies grew strong and healthy, and the government stayed out of our personal lives. When sin wasn’t celebrated and God didn’t visit so many natural disasters upon our nation because we looked to Him for guidance, and in return He sheltered us from calamity.

Alas, we are overrun with liberalism these days, and as a result we are like unto Babylon. God has abandoned us for allowing that foul mindset to take root, and as a result our nation is divided, filthy, hateful, and enslaved to the will of the Devil.

Donald stands as one of the last lines of defense against sexual immorality, greed, vanity, and mendacity. Without his intervention and sacrifice America would have succumbed two years ago and been lost forever to the powers of Darkness. Thank you, Donald, for your guidance and leadership to our struggling nation. We know that God sent you as an example for the downtrodden to emulate and seek inspiration from. :us:


Define Conservatism as it might actually apply to any religion.

Then ponder whether politics should be driven by religion.

(Theocracies are not fun)


Libertarians tend to be atheists.

BJ Clinton. –

When I am thinking of God, politics doesn’t enter into the conversation. God is about how the individual lives his/her personal life–not about how politicians govern a country.

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Why? How does Trump’s morality affect my morality–or yours, for that matter? If someone doesn’t like Trump’s policies when it comes to Korea, Iran, or tax cuts, then present the other side.

Until Democrats get over their temper tantrum and show that they can work with anyone to advance the interests of America–no matter who is in power–they are only proving their own impotence and are unworthy of anyone’s vote.

I don’t think about mixing Politics and Religion
Because No religion is exclusive to a political leaning.
I have seen Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Progressive Wiccan’s, Atheists, Christians, Jewish , Muslim, Buddha , Hinduism, Pagan etc…