At least 90k voters purged from Nevada rolls

And so if you read the article you will see two issues. One the gop secretary of state used postcards to notify people they were going to be kicked off…which ok fine…but the postcards cant be forwarded to the new residence because “reasons”.

2nd an Investigation was done and was found that most of these people hadn’t moved at all. ( which was the reason for the purge)

So…once again we see the gop who can’t win on any ideas need to rig the system in order to win…just like Georgia…

If it’s found that this purging was simply a Republican purging Democrats, I hope they spend time behind bars. It is paramount that the voting public has confidence that our system is free from fraud…both from voters and the politicians.


Only way to fix this is to have an integrated data system that links the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, State level Departments of Motor Vehicle, State level Departments of Vital Records (births, deaths, etc), and State level Secretary of States (normally responsible for voter registration) into a unified data system.

Relying on postcards because you THINK they’ve moved isn’t efficient and can be manipulated into shenanigans.


So,it was just a scheme to disenfranchise poor people of color.

Uh huh.

Tell me of a method to keep our voter roles accurate that would not be called a scheme to disenfranchise poor people of color. You smart libs can certain think of one.

You really having a hard time figuring out why post cards intended to find out if a voter still lives at the address on their voter registration shouldn’t be forwarded to a new address?

No it should be so they can fix the issue…like i said…rigging the system because the gop ideas suck and you know you would lose

So from your own statement, if they did not move then they would get the postcard telling them to verify they lived there…i.e. no problem.
If they did move and were left on the rolls they would be voting somewhere that they would not be eligible legal voters…again, no problem in getting them off the rolls. What, were they going to go back to the wrong district and vote for people who wouldn’t be their representatives?

I dont see a problem.

I wouldn’t have too much issue with this if there was same day voter registration. A citizen should be able to push back against possible government errors.

No one is perfect.

Do only democratic voters move out of voting districts or something?

Not what your article says. It says “[The state sends] postcards to…voters. The [original] postcards were not forwardable–meaning if a voter moved, the postcard wouldn’t follow them to their new address. Postcards that came back as non-deliverable resulted in the state sending a forwardable postcard to the old address.”

The second post card is forwardable. The first post card acts as a “trip wire”, if there is a response the situation gets resolved. If the forwardable post card is sent, it starts a clock on being moved to inactive.

Actually sounds reasonable, what is unknown is the amount of time the 2nd postcard trips. If it’s 10 days, I think that is unreasonable. 60 or 90 days? That sounds fine.