Assistant Principals Let Gunmen Into School During Lockdown

What the actual hell? These administrators need fired and fired yesterday. All the whining and crying about school shootings and these ■■■■■■■■ ignore the school security office rand let these guys in " because it was unsafe to be outside because I saw police officers.”

Now, they were contained in a supposed safe area that was not accessible to the rest of the school supposedly and were detained by police when they showed up, but what if they had decided to shoot the administrators dead and find a way into the other areas with the students?

This is a serious breach of what lockdowns are supposed to be about. So much could have gone wrong with this. The National Fraternal Order of Police are ripping those guys a news one, rightfully so.

Immediate termination, no question. I would even criminally charge them as aiding and abetting. Even if they hoped to trap them it was a dangerous act.

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They should be charged with obstruction. It’s not too bright to let armed men in the act of a crime come into a school.

That first article needs an editor.

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I’d fire them, no retirement, nothing and send these virtuous idiots packing right behind the armed intruders they let in.


Words cannot express the sheer idiocy shown by these administrators. This action is clear evidence that they do not possess the sound judgement necessary for their position of trust and responsibility with the community.

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Waffle House tried that back in the 90s. We discussed it at length at a conference.

These Assistant Principals should be fired IMMEDIATELY.

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I read the first article and thought, well, if the vestibule was designed to contain the shooters until the police arrived, but after reading the 2nd article… the vice principals need to be fired.

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The more I see this the angrier I become. They should be charged with a count of child endangerment for every minor student present that day. I even looked up the Ohio statute and it applies perfectly. There is no excuse to justify the unbelievably stupid “thought” process that led to this action.

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Definitely. lol

That is why I found another one with some more info. Journalism is not what it used to be.

I’m pretty sure nothing is going to happen to these guys. I will be surprised if they get any sort of consequence.