‘ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT’: Two NYPD Officers Ambushed in the Bronx, Both ‘Lucky to Be Alive’

Originally published at: ‘ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT’: Two NYPD Officers Ambushed in the Bronx, Both ‘Lucky to Be Alive’ | Sean Hannity

Two NYPD officers barely escaped with their lives after an ambush-style assault in the Bronx Saturday night; with Police Chief Dermot Shea saying the attack should “outrage all New Yorkers.”

“A man walked into a Bronx police precinct and opened fire Sunday morning — just hours after a pair of officers were ambushed in the same NYPD precinct,” reports the New York Post. “Law enforcement sources believe the gunman was the same man from the Saturday night shooting of a Bronx cop.”

One officer out of the hospital the other will live but the mayor and governor have to answer for this:

"Let me be very clear: this was an assassination attempt of two New York City officers," Commissioner Shea said Saturday night from Lincoln Hospital.https://t.co/H98yo1699v

— Charles V Payne (@cvpayne) February 9, 2020

“The shooting comes less than 12 hours after a pair of Bronx cops were shot at while sitting in a marked patrol van in the neighborhood. Only one of the officers was injured in the unprovoked attack,” adds the Post.

“This neighborhood now, there’s too much trouble. A lot of people after 5, 6 o’clock there are six, seven, eight, 10 people, drinking alcohol, smoking weed,” said one local business owner.

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Source: New York Post