Ashraf Ghani (Afghan Pres-former) now coming to the USA?

His plane was refused in Tajikistan. Landed in Oman, then coming to the US.

I hope this is not true. This guy should have gone down with his ship!!!

Contacting my congressman now, suggest you do the same…at the very least.

Welcome. Come live on my road.


Prob some bad weather in North America. Re-direct him to Gitmo.

Libs hate Ghani? What a coincidence, so do the “Taliban”! lol


He can be roomies with Ted Cruz. They both share a lack of spine and run to another country when things get tough at home.

They hate who ever the TV tells them too. Looks like he’s the new video…


I hope he emptied his bank account first.

Make sure he has a COVID test first

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Actually Cruz was back like the next day after doing the dad thing. Most metro males are confused about dads family responsibility and being a male role model. It is a woke thing.


Spend a lot of time drinking “qehwa”. You are a good host, my friend. I like your post.

@SneakySFDude is a good dude!!!

Biden back on vacation after his 15 minute speech?


Very confusing speech by Stumblin Joe . The idiot of the left gaffed his way through the teleprompter. What an ass. This is the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier Show.

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Come on Mike lighten the ■■■■ up.

Salam alaikum How much afghan tea did you have to drink back in the day?

Ted Cruz took his daughters across the border in search of a better life then the one that was on the side of the border they were on.

Family outing kids were going to visit. Your comments disingenuous,. Your comment not you. Sometimes one gets overrun by notions and liberal talking points. You are a good Wazoo. Your notions are in left field. Peace, Bro.

Let’s share some hot tea and remember our brothers that did not return from south Asia

I am not sure that is a “dad thing” to fly with his kids to another country, dump them there and then fly back without them.

Mexico is a weekend jaunt area that is enjoyed by many Americans. Some have condos and vacation properties there.

And he accompanied his family down and then returned home

Hope you visit one of these days. Americans pass through Mexican Customs going down and US Customs returning home. Documentation has to be in order unless one is an illegal in mass migration to the USA courtesy of Stumblin Joe.

Classic Biden incoherence delivered with that signature vacant stare.


Come on maaaaaaaan. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Did his family return home at the same time as he did?