As suspected, the Arizona election was a mess

I would assume because those details didn’t compromise the investigation. But this is all purely hypothetical speculation. I can’t say I have any trust in this group from what I have seen to date.

The local station? Prob cause they are in on it or something….

Are the Cyber Ninjas getting paid by the hour? And who is paying them? The citizens of Maricopa, who are already on the hook for millions in order to replace the voting machines that the CNs messed with?

Is the DNC saying this? So what should happen next?

Why do you think that it is not likely that a group that has never done something before would not do it correctly?

Remember when they claimed that server information had been erased when it wasn’t?


I doubt that. That’s a pretty extreme accusation you’re making. You can choose sides without being “in on it.” Everyone has chosen sides.

Why am I not surprised that the “audit” hasn’t been completed yet. It’s okay, because it keeps the MAGA zeolots on the hook. Not that they’re unwilling participants - they still can’t come to terms that their dear-leader lost. LOL

If only there had been an independent electoral commission responsible for the conduct of elections there would have been no need for such an audit.

How about answering my original question first?

What would you like to see done next?

It’s clear these guys are stuck and lost

They make a wild claim and then ask for more information from voters and now want to canvass them…it’s just gonna keep getting stupider


I don’t trust “independent” commissions. They have chosen sides too. No such thing as “independent.” So we’re stuck with the audit.

That’s not a fact at all.

Please be honest.

For the clown show to stop.

For the GOP to recognize that more people did not want Donald Trump to be President any more and return to this reality.

The alternate earth that they live on is a very dangerous place for the health of the Republic.


“ Logan pointed to ballots that were not printed in alignment between the front and back, saying the mismatch could allow ink to bleed through and be counted for the wrong candidate on the other side, though he did not provide any evidence of that happening.”

They are grasping…

Be specific. What would you do with the results of the audit that show massive errors?

Grasp this.

What would you like to see done next?

Of course, if they release their findings there will be an obligatory audit to audit the results of their audit.

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The audit will show massive errors. I have little doubt about that.

But the errors will be with the audit and not the election because the thing is run by inexperienced partisans who have to find something to justify their existence


What audit?

Just combine it with the door-to-door COVID vax checking.