As suspected, the Arizona election was a mess

Biden “won” by just over 10,000 votes. There were over 11,000 illegal votes counted in Maricopa county. There were also 74,000 undocumented mail in votes. So what to do about this. Any ideas? The question is simple. Please address it.

Maricopa County Audit Reveals 2020 Election Disaster: Absentee Ballot Records Missing, 11,000 Votes Not on November Rolls (

The evidence is overwhelming. Joe Biden’s “win” in Arizona should be immediately invalidated.

I heard some of that yesterday. Was wondering if anyone would start a thread on it.

Thanks for doing so.

I think you can tell the dems know they cheated by how hard the fight the audits and how they hide the computers. Digital vote counting should be outlawed…

Notice the dem leadership does not care if believe the elections are honest…


Is it possible that a group that has never audited an election before might have gotten it wrong?


Yeah they have been bringing in armies of lawyers fighting audits.

Not the actions of the innocent.


Notice the Dem leadership fighting vigorously over states enacting voter integrity laws. Notice the Dems praising Texas Dimbulbcrat legislators fleeing the state on private jets to avoid voting on a Texas voter integrity bill? Gosh, by their absence from the quorum aren’t they in effect engaging in “voter suppression”? Them Dems sure get cranky when laws are enacted to make it harder to cheat.

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Remember a couple of months ago when Fann dropped the bombshell that the voting database had been deleted, which was not true?


An old saying:
After I die please don’t let me vote for a Democrat”


Notice the fact that if Trump won not a single law would be passed.


I look forward to hearing more and to hear the opinions of those with more expertise in this area than myself, to confirm honest results. If it turns out that massive fraud is undeniable, then I’m sure that Maricopa County isn’t the only place that fraud took place. This will set off audits in other states where the results have been questionable and if this evidence proves fraud beyond the shadow of a doubt, that changed the outcome of the election…my gosh! If then people aren’t immediately arrested and prosecuted, along with those that actually won reinstated in the offices they were honestly elected to, I see much bigger problems coming on an even bigger scale.

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Talk about transparency.

Arizona senate to hide audit information.

Let’s see some audit explaining on this story.

Or will it be ignored.


They’re finished? How come this isn’t all over the news? Even Fox News doesn’t have it.

Just more fake audit news. The usual hysteria over nothing.


Not even OANN and Newsmax.

Too early. This is incomplete information at this point . Meaningful understanding of the issues raised requires:

  1. The complete audit findings
  2. Any rebuttals/clarifications from the elections board
  3. Any additional documentation of the audit process that has a bearing on how they arrived at the conclusions

Right now we have a “sneak preview” from an organized political body. Interesting but incomplete.

For example, the discrepancy between voters and voter registrations I wan to know:

  • Which “file” did the audit use to establish the voter registration list as of Nov 7.

  • Is this file intended to hold the moment to moment registration database, or does the process of registration encompass in-flight registrations that exist on paper at a district level and are integrated into the master file at a later point in time.

This is not a complete response, but illustrates that these press conferences are incomplete. With the effect of creating uncertainty in our minds when many of the answers should be readily available and can be released at the same time as the “questions”

I think it is distracting to tease out issues as unanswered when we should be moments away from having these answers.

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Yes. But it’s not likely. I don’t think this is very complicated. Is anybody claiming it’s wrong? What would you like to see done next?

What evidence do you have that it’s fake?

Good question. There was an audit. We know that for sure. And these are the only results we have seen so far. So what would you do next?

Next? Release all the results. Or is this a secret audit?

Clearly they plan to just release drips and drabs of info they consider damaging, over a long period of time, kind of like the Hunter laptop.