Article III Judicial picture as this week in the Senate has come to a close (5/18/18)

The Senate confirmed 6 Court of Appeals Judges during the previous couple of weeks, bring Trumps Article III Judicial appointment total to 39.

That includes 1 Supreme Court Justice, 21 Court of Appeals Judges and 17 District Court Judges.

There are 179 authorized Court of Appeals Judgeships, for the 11 numbered circuits, the DC Circuit and the Federal Circuit. Trump’s 21 appointments to the Court of Appeals means that he has appointed over 10% of the total number of Court of Appeals authorized judgeships.

On the other hand, his 17 District Judge appointments constitute a mere 2.5% of authorized District Court authorized judgeships.

Democrats have dug in their heels in a fierce resistance. Thursday, they were essentially able to filibuster Senate Judiciary Committee proceedings to the point where no action was able to be taken on voting any nominee to the floor, thus delaying those nominees at least one additional week.

Expect Republicans to continue desperately trying to get as many Court of Appeals nominees confirmed as possible, between now and January 3rd, 2019. It is a foregone conclusion that if Democrats take the Senate, no further Trump nominees to the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals will be confirmed.