Arrrrggghhhh.. Judge Flores

No the administration can detain the parent till the sky fall, that is a lie they don’t have to release the parents only the children under the Flores agreement.

You are right except there are NOT NEAR enough detention facilities to hold the influx we have now, which is why the system is in crisis.

The Congress has not appropriated the money to create the facilities so the administration has NO CHOICE. That is entirely the fault of Congress.

This is why Obama’s head of the DHS, Jeh Johnson, just recently AGREED with the administration that the system is in crisis and is overwhelmed.


The reason why they release the parent (They don’t have too) because they don’t want the children entering the fostercare system and becoming a ward of the state.

This issue can be solved by detaining families together. (Which all former President did)
and building more facilities.

Trump made this an issue when he started separating families as a deterrent.
so the Flores issue is one he created himself and he can solve himself.

Then they have the problem of family separations which is where the ■■■■ storm develops from everyone.

He TRIED that and all he got was threats of law suits and condemnation from all sides.

And why not? It is EASY for the Congress to shirk their responsibilites and let the President take all the heat.

The Congress is pure gutless CRAP. They create the mess and do NOTHING to end it.


Yes he got condemn because by separating families your creating thousands upon thousands of people that the government now need to provided for till they are adults unless they can find a third cousin once removed.

You can’t really deport unaccompanied minors.


This developed when the left did everything they could to ENCOURAGE caravans to overwhelm the system. Trump DID NOT create the huge influx of familes who have QUADRUPLED in the last year.

Ask Johnson. He knows the truth.


we are talking about the Flores issue, we are not talking about the general influx of migrants.

The separation of families created in the first 15 month of Trump Preisdency from DHS started that policy 37,000 ward of the state who unless the government can find relatives in the U.S they will be put in the fostercare system.

If you don’t separate families the Flores case law doesn’t apply.

Families should be detained together.

So, you say he FAILED to hold the parents and then say he FAILED to allow them to go free in the United States???

He DID NOT invite them here.

He is only trying to uphold the LAWS that the Congress passed. How is he wrong in this???

You CAN deport minors with their parents IF THE CONGRESS changes the laws they created that protects people from immediate deportation if they are from someplace other than Mexico.

THAT THERE is the real problem.


Yes you can deport minors if they are with their parent but if you separate the families and send their parent federal prison they are not longer accompanied minors they are now unaccompanied minors.

They need FACILITIES to do so.

There are none available. They are SWAMPED.

Unless and until the Congress appropriates billions to build and staff more they are DONE.

This is and always was a fault of the Congress and because of the overwhelming number of immigrant families we are seeing today the system is in crisis. That has NOTHING to do with a Trump policy and everything to do with the failure of the Congress to fix their broken laws.


Then tell congress to fund more facilities, don’t bitch about the Flores agreement which only is relevant because of DHS policy of family separation.

I 1000% support funding more facilities.

You cannot deport immigrant families from nations other than Mexico without a full-blown hearing before a judge - just another beauty the Congress saddled the system with.

And the system of judges and courts is BACK-LOGGED for years.

So we have to release the families into the United States and hope they show up years later for their court hearing.

They mostly DON’T.


which is not related to the Flores decision at all.

Canada is also dealing with a backlog of migrant crossing the border, I feel your pain.

The Flores decision is only relevant because of Trump DHS policy of family separation a policy which he ended? unless he lied about it.

What do you think we have been doing???

They will not. They have not.

The President is down to asking the Armed Forces to create facilities on their bases, which will take away needed resources from the military.

AGAIN, the Congress shirks their responsibilities for fixing the mess they created.


The Flores decision only deals with minors. Try again.

I have already answered that.


AND it’s the fault of the market for cheap, unskilled labor. For example, at businesses like trump runs.

Punish them, and the supply of those jobs will decrease illegal immigration.

I’m lost now. Seems like that article says Trump had a plan and proponents of immigration stopped it?

Can they release the minors and not the parents?