Army Quietly Purging Immigrants From Its Ranks

Read the article. When the program was first started by executive order, not many were allowed into the program. President Obama decided it would be a great back door for DACA citizenship and opened it up to ANY legal migrant. Doing that, military increased the background checks.

Yeah, we have to shut this program down… Imagine that we almost let this guy through…


That gentleman sounds exceptional. I hope he gets his opportunity to pursue his NASA career. The article though, if I understood it right, just stated that they must finish their first enlistment before they can move forward in the program. That sounds reasonable, if that’s all that’s being added?

In September of 2016, a Department of Defense memo appeared ordering “enhanced security clearance checks” for MAVNI recruits, citing security concerns. The soldiers were no longer eligible for interim security clearances until they completed their first enlistment, the memo declared.

Well yeah. That is the NORM for him. :laughing:


Anyone joining the military knows that they have to pass certain background checks. This is true for citizens too.

If you don’t pass, then the military could add some nasty stuff to your record and throw you out. But the DOD is trying to be nice… just telling these people that they are out. In return for that decency, lawyers are going to force the hand of the DoD to document unfavorable information on these people. It won’t help these people… except for the lawyers, who will be paid from some liberal pro-immigration fund. And yes… having close relationships with people in countries where they could be held hostage and the service member coerced into nefarious deeds is unfavorable information. It is that way for natural born citizens and it is that way for these illegals as well.

Add to that any other unfavorable information and it is not surprising that some of these people are being asked to leave. I recall that I had to write some “explanation letters” even for traffic tickets I had received within the past 5 years when I applied for certain assignments. While libs are chomping at the bit to accuse the administration of more racism and xenophobia, the truth is that our soldiers need to know that the man next to them has their back and is trustworthy.

This appears to have started last June. Thread (with article links) :point_down:

And this is an EO that Congress should step up and do its job.
Everyone keeps calling Trump a Dictator or Fascist and all i keep seeing is him removing EO and telling congress make it a law do your job.
I know Trump has done some EO’s as well but he really seems to not want to do them when congress should be doing its job.

In the end ,
I believe that if these people did serve time in the military that should allow them to fast track them to become Legal citizens.

if they want to join the military let them. i see no problem with this at all. once their tour is over they should be granted citizenship. hell if they are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice they should be at least granted citizenship.

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All of these being discharged have already passed a background check for a secret clearance or they would not be wearing the uniform. DOD is requiring much higher levels of background checks for these members. They are being subjected to higher standards of background checks.

Do you have any idea what this program required for language skills? I assume by the tone of your statement you are picturing spanish speaking “illegals” flooding the recruitment office. FYI… Spanish is not one of the languages for eligibility to the program.

The soldier in the article you cite was born and raised in the US… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep…I totally agree.

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, after a vetting process,

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maybe interim secret… if even that.
Or an abbreviated NAC which would not show questionable behavior or vulnerabilities that is only kept on foreign records.

throw some more stuff up on the wall to see if it sticks.

Good. Now there room for more flag loving conservative young men and woman to join up.

Yes I read it did you? The article clearly states the DD “did not” mange to put them through extensive review process so for whatever reason the DD did not or “could not” resulted in them not being able to quality. And I”m sure the article was really talking about “illegal” immigrants anyway since the AP leans liberal left and libs and Dems don’t really care about legal immigrants or naturalized citizens, their primary concern is for illegals.

Well we don’t have to worry about the Japanese invading us this time. Half their young men are in romantic relationships with anime characters.


agreed after vetting

Or it might be this:

It came under fire from conservatives when President Barack Obama added DACA recipients — young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally — to the list of eligible enlistees. In response, the military layered on additional security clearances for recruits to pass before heading to boot camp.

The Trump Administration added even more hurdles, creating a backlog within the Defense Department. Last fall, hundreds of recruits still in the enlistment process had their contracts canceled. A few months later, the military suspended MAVNI.

Trump wants Congress to do their jobs but both Houses are Republican controlled… so essentially Republicans are not working for the people at the moment

A nice little summary of the issue…

Expect more lawsuits with the recent discharges…

How do you figure that?