Army debuts new uniform

The Army showed it’s new uniform today. It’s almost identical to the WWII uniform.
I like it.
I doubt it will impress the kids going into the Army today. I doubt if they have a grasp of what WWII was or when it was.

I like it. :+1:


I like the retro look.

I hope they keep the Sam Browne belt for officers.

I wonder if other countries will take notice of this and start introducing uniforms based on past wears.

I know Germany doesn’t like to associate with anything from the world wars but I really like the World War I era German officers uniforms and 1916 Stalhelms. I also really like British World War II uniforms.

Same here. That was a sharp belt design.

This was definitely a good call. It has heritage, it’s a good looking design, and it’s something all Americans can look at with pride.

… kind of look like the classic Texas A&M cadet uniforms.