Arming Teachers Makes Perfect Sense - Logic

Yes it’s a myth. They do plan a bit, but not actions on the objective. They are going directly to their targets.

How did the Parkland and Columbine guys get their guns in?

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There’s a reason they have us move away from the doors, such as into a closet…like a closet where we can put things in front of the door and not have to stand in the doorway.

I mean, you can play “what ifs” all you want-and you’ll sound a bit like some of my students-but the fact of the matter is that, as you already stated, it takes some luck for a gun to POSSIBLY be effective in such a situation.

You’re right … you were never on the plot in the first place.

No, it’s not a myth. Their “targets” vary. Generally, it’s not a specific person, but the school in general.

Adding more guns doesn’t try to understand WHY their targets are their targets. You should really start there before adding more guns. Same with terrorism. We can keep killing bearded brown guys in the middle east, or we can understand WHY those bearded brown guys decide to try to kill us. It’s not as fun, and doesn’t involve as many “yeeeeeeehaws!” but it would be a much more effective solution.

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I believe the average law enforcement officer is a lot less likely to get himself shot, or to shoot someone else, while trying to stop a shooter.

How likely is an unarmed teacher to be shot when confronting an active shooter?

Do you even hear yourself?

You mean before the time where schools have rampantly beefed up their security after decades of school shootings?

The better questions would be how they got the guns in the first place, and why they wanted to shoot up the school.

Michael Carneal-the Heath High School shooter-literally just took his dad’s gun from under the bed, took his neighbor’s unsecured gun and ammo from the garage, and went and did a shooting.

I know it’s wikipedia

Carrying a duffel bag and a backpack. he was spotted and recognized by a staff member who radioed a colleague that he was walking “purposefully” toward Building 12, according to a police report. The first staff member claimed his training called for only reporting threats; his colleague hid in a closet.

The real question is when on God’s green earth a teacher is going to be able to confront the shooter? If I’m armed, and halfway across the school, I don’t get to go play cowboy and rustle me up a shooter, contrary to how you seem to think that scenario would go down.

Fine, just Parkland then.

You think getting in with a trenchcoat is going to be a problem in November?

In your classroom closet.

There have been numerous teachers and staff who have died while confronting shooters in a futile attempt to protect their students.

Bullets go right through pleading hands.

And if a student, who planned that shooting, knew that particular teacher was armed, they would not go anywhere remotely near that teacher during their planned massacre.

Armed teachers won’t be wearing badges.

Ok, let’s say that’s true. Good, that’s your 30 saved.

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The kids will know.

Maybe. But are they willing to take the chance that they know all of them? That’s why concealed carry reduces street crime … the not knowing for sure.

I know it was a mistake but you just admitted that this would work as a great deterrent.

You can’t lock guns away so securely that they can’t be accessed by someone hell bent on getting their hands on them.

The Sandy Hook Shooter killed his own mom to get to the guns she had locked up.

There is nothing we can do that is remotely possible that will prevent all further such shootings. What we can do is be prepared to stop them as quickly as possible and with as few casualties as possible when they do occur.

That requires people willing to step up and for us to provide them with what they need in order to do so.

Most of course won’t be depending on the gov’t to buy guns and ammo for them anyway so this whole rant is pretty ridiculous to begin with.