Armed group arrested on I-95 in Massachusetts

A group of heavily armed men has been arrested in after Massachusetts police confronted them at 2 am this morning along I-95.

Here is an article that includes videos from the group. I guess nothing says antigovernment extremists like quoting Supreme Court decisions and federal laws related to interstate transportation of fire arms:

It looks like man in the videos was quoting information found in this website:
Peaceable Journey Law (

Did the group violate any laws?

Or is this incident an example of Massachusetts authorities violating rights of gun owners?

“No threats were made, but these men should be considered armed and dangerous”



Will Biden use the arrest as an example of systemic racism?

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Be a lot cooler if they’d use the arrest as an example of infringements on our rights.


Interesting scenario here. They weren’t breaking any laws. It’s 2am. Cars full of men with tactical gears and weapons.

Maybe they were on their way to commit crime.
Or just driving around.

This could’ve ended badly if one person was trigger happy.

I doubt that will happen. The federal government has shown no interest in protecting civil rights unless there an alleged racial angle.


“We’re not anti-government, we’re not anti-police. We’re not sovereign citizens, we’re not black identity extremists,” the man in the video said. “We haven’t violated any laws.”

They look possible Muslim but again maybe I’m stereo typing. Never heard of em so I’m somewhat ignorant here.

If they are…just like Christians or any other religion some put their Gods laws above man. And no this isn’t criticizing any religion because I basically puts my God laws above everything else…and one of em is not harming others that is not threatening you in anyway.

I hope I’ve didn’t step out of bounds here.

Edit to add. Actually looking more into doesn’t seem to be name of religion.

The men claim “to be from a group that does not recognize our laws,” the Wakefield Police Department said in a statement.

Uh oh.

Carrying a firearm does not make you a criminal. Neither does driving on an interstate highway at 2 am.

It seems that the police are saying that the group refused to answer questions and refused to disarm. Is that a criminal offense?

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How about resisting arrest?

What is the cause for arrest?

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What’s the dif?

I think they found Tupac.

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Police: sees a vehicle on the side of road.

Police: “Do you require assistance?”

People: “No thanks!”

Police: “Have a nice day, sir!”

Really not that difficult to resist the urge to violate someone’s rights.



There you have it…the number one threat in the US…white supremacists. Oh wait… :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


It’s a problem.


I suspect that the administration may start to pivot to “heavily armed right-wing / antigovernment militia groups” as the basis for why they need to take away more constitutional rights . . .


Interesting yes.


They’re an offshoot of this group.

If the police simply let them go and they committed a mass shooting in a shopping mall, we would be once again reading about a missed opportunity. Reasonable folk would believe something just doesn’t look right with that scenario. Normal folk just don’t behave in that fashion.

I believe the cops acted appropriately.