Armed Citizen Prevents Mass Shooting in Alaska

Chalk one up for the good guys.

I was actually surprised to learn that the Village Police Officers aren’t armed.


Thank God for that armed citizen.


I hope the kid gets the mental help he needs.

The article doesn’t say exactly what the armed citizen did to get the kid to drop the gun.

That resident was Casey Thompson, according to the trooper’s report. Thompson, armed with a rifle, was able to get the shooter to drop his weapon, the report said. Thompson declined to talk with KYUK about the incident.

Kid was inside with a bullet proof vest, guy was outside - presumably, we don’t know.

DId the resident know the kid and talk him down, or did he go into the building and say, hey, I’ll shoot you unless you drop on the floor and give up your gun.

Article doesn’t say.

At least the guy didn’t set up like a sniper and shoot the guy in the head from outside the building, or riddle the building with bullets…

There’s obviously got to be much more to this story that the article isn’t mentioning.

Oh well. Thank God for that armed citizen. :man_shrugging:


Well, that’s an ignorant statement.

How in the world is that “ignorant”?

Man had a rifle - what’s a rifle for but to shoot someone from far away?

Having said that, we are all ignorant about what actually happened. The article gives no details.

He may have threatened the guy with his rifle, or he may have just talked to the guy after somehow gaining access to the building. We don’t know.

People should wait to praise, or condemn, someone’s actions until they actually know what those actions were.

You took a factual news article, and injected some ■■■■■■■■ hypothetical into the thread and now you’re trying to rationalize it.

“People should wait to praise, or condemn, someone’s actions until they actually know what those actions were.”

I agree whole heatedly. Maybe you should wait for more info instead of weaving fairy tales.

Here’s the website for Alaska Public Media

Maybe you could contact them about your concerns about this news story.


How is “At least…” weaving fairy tales?

If that had been the big city the guy would have been shot by a SWAT sniper. Everyone knows that. And if you don’t think that’s what would have happened in a big city - you haven’t been paying attention.

This didn’t happen in a “big city” did it?

See, more fairy tales.

Go away, you bother me…

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The VPOs are sanctioned by the State, and because they are not trained police officers, they are not authorized to carry arms (the State doesn’t want the liability … it’s a lawyer thing) and in fact, they are prohibited from being armed while on duty. Of course virtually every other resident of the village is armed so the situation is an ongoing controversy.

In this case, the fact that the citizen was armed is immaterial. He was able to talk the kid down because everyone in the village knows everyone else in the village. The two may even have been related. There is virtually no chance that he would have shot the kid (his gun was unloaded,) the intent was simply to keep him safely contained in the building until Troopers could be flown in to handle the situation. Talked him into giving up was a bonus.

The article does say the gun wasn’t loaded, so that blows your hypothetical.

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You shouldn’t make claims that you can’t support. You have absolutely no idea what would have happened had this occurred in a big city. Nobody knows that.


You sure got that right, it wouldn’t make sense to thank God for arming the bad guy.


Of course, if the person wasn’t able to get a gun in the first place the incident would not have happened.

That principle hasn’t applied among globalist dupes for four years of Russia collusion delusion. Oh, but now there’s a story that validates carrying personal arms, so there’s not enough info to make any call.

Well yeah, I wouldn’t thank God for a bad meal either. That’s why I save Grace for afterwards. :man_shrugging:

It doesn’t fit the left wing narrative/rhetoric. :roll_eyes:

That’s ridiculous … he was unarmed when he broke into the public safety building.

Ready to piss, but can’t identify which float.