ARMAGEDDON AGAIN? Pelosi Warns Government Could be ‘CLOSED FOREVER’ Over Budget Fight | Sean Hannity

Likely Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi escalated her war-of-words with the Trump administration Thursday; saying the government could be “closed forever” because of her opposition to the President’s border wall.

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It’s outrageous and horrific (the two words Dems LOVE) that Pelosi is willing to fund ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS while ignoring the vets, us citizens and the homeless crisis in her own state.


Ironic isn’t it that Nancy has accused the President of acting like a dictator yet SHE is the one who gets in front of the cameras and spouts off like some third world autocrat. You would think she was soulmate with Fidel and all of his bosom pals.


The Witch of the West thinks she is in charge. She is using her craft of manipulation and control, witchcraft. Should the republicans cave we the people will be in deep crap.
The true believers of Jesus need to take our place, pray and bind up these demons from Hell.

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I totally agree with you Mike7. It’s shocking to me that someone as “out of it” as Pelosi is most of the time when making her speeches is somehow thinking that she has any say so at all…it is unprecedented! She is really suffering from illusions of grandieur…I honestly think that she should see a doctor because she is most likely in need of psychiatric medication. I live in California and i can tell you first hand that Pelosi IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM cares about her constituents and DOES NOT REPRESENT her constituents in any matter or issue whatsoever…Someone needs to pull the plug on her because she’s getting high off of all the ruckus she’s causing and all the attention she’s getting…and why is she doing this? again? Guaranteed someone is paying her big bucks to keep up the charade…

So why do the constituents she ignored keep re-electing her? Do they keep hoping she will magically change?

KLRS I can explain. They can’t get the dead people to stop voting for her.

That’s because, in California, they are not really dead. They all just have permanent legal addresses at some memorial park and only come out to vote. It’s all part of that ballot harvesting.