ARMAGEDDON AGAIN: Pelosi Says ‘CIVILIZATION AT RISK’ in 2018 Midterms | Sean Hannity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doubled-down on her anti-Trump rhetoric this week, saying “civilization as we know it as at risk” should the Republicans continue to lead Congress following the 2018 midterm elections.

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“civilization as we know it as at risk” quote Nancy Pelosi .
It sure is , and don’t you dare point your finger at President Trump .
YOU and the rest of your Party is responsible …
The Democratic party wants the power back …That’s all there is to it .
Democrats don’t lose any sleep over American Citizens , in fact they couldn’t care less !

Irene, You are so right, those poor people marching up to the border, with false promises are an example of how they do not care about humanity at all, they are willing to forgo the safety of the American people, their jobs, economy, taxes, and well being for control and greed, they are paying these South Americans to come here with false promises and selling out the American people at the same time, If they cared they would have some kind of agenda to run on besides control. We are on to them and their progressive dissemination of this country. They have been selling us out since Bush Sr, planned and controlled mission to destroy this great country and the red wave is coming. Their civilization is coming to an end and they are desperate and will do anything they can and they are using half the population to try to keep control and their asses out of prison, They are done…the EVIL is no more. They hate Trump cause he knows all their misdeeds and is slowly reeling them in for the public to see and to finish their treasonist ways.