ARMAGEDDON AGAIN? Kamala Harris Predicts ‘DESTRUCTION OF CONSTITUTION’ after Kennedy Retirement | Sean Hannity

Hyper-liberal Senator Kamala Harris painted a bleak picture for the country Wednesday night, saying, “We’re looking at the destruction of the Constitution” if Trump gets his next Supreme Court Justice confirmed.

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ACTUALLY, the “Democrat” party has become a mean, racist, evil terrorist organization. As for the the Constitution, the Republicans actually follow it. Obama twisted, and ignored it and broke so many laws, and the Demies smiled on like sheep.


Must be a type O. Trump is going to put OUR Constitution back together again after the decades of NWO Control freaks ripping it apart. Thank God…


Exactly, It’s the dems that think the constitution should be ignored.


Only one party has a track record of trying to destroy the constitution, and it sure ain’t the Republicans

The problem with the destructionists here is that the democrats are already undoing the constitution - among other things, in CA the demostructionists just voted to be able to block internet sources they do not agree with. Sounds like the are dissolving the 1st Amendment to the Constitution just like they did at Berkeley - they blocked Republicans right and left from giving planned and organized speeches. Then there is the 2nd Amendment where demostructionists are already banning them (and where gun deaths have risen) like Chicago. they are also attacking members of the Republican Party out having dinner with their families - - so who is attacking the constitution?

I know. She sounds like you guys.

Yes, it’s the Republicans.

Welcome to the forum. You must be from the John Birch Society.

Sometimes, have to wonder where these people are getting their drugs and how much they are taking.
For Samson, talking about the Dems (including the burn outs) and their followers. Hmm, could be why the want no borders?.. :slight_smile:

I’m confused by what you mean.

Not surprising. Would you like a explanation?

Can you give an example? Democrats look at the Constitution and they see the right to kill your unborn baby but no right to defend yourself with a gun. That alone is crazy. The Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights was written for laymen to understand. This means they didn’t intend on a bunch of unmentioned rights to be added. The Bill of Rights are all inherent rights, meaning they come from God and no man can take them away. Do you really think our founders would make the killing of an unborn baby a God given right? Hardly, babies like all humans have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is stated in the Declaration of Independence. Abortion takes away these fundamental rights. You can also read the Federalist Papers and nowhere is there any mention of the right to kill an unborn baby. But some way, some how liberals can find that right. Sorry but the Democrats are the destroyers of the Constitution.


See any issue that has to do with the incorporation doctrine, substantive due process, or the ACLU.

The Democrats see abortion as an issue of bodily autonomy and also have trouble seeing a anything resembling a person in the first X days after conception.

I’m anti-gun control.

And what # are you applying as the “X” for Democrats. You use the X because there isn’t one. Obviously you don’t believe its at conception, when life begins and the one of a kind DNA of that baby is established? The only birth control that fits your criteria of it not looking or having rudimentary shape of a baby would be the morning after pill. By the time most people realize they’re pregnant, your criteria had passed. This is why Dems fight any legislation that would require an ultrasound first, so the mother can make an informed about what they are killing (Dems love stupid people and like to keep them that way). Is it when science has determined the baby feels the pain of the abortion? Nope. They fight against that, which makes them monsters because if you know how an abortion is performed it’s torture. Worse than waterboarding and we know the angst that causes. Truth is, most Dems think abortion is ok up to the 9th month, and some think partial birth is ok. In case you didn’t know, that’s when the head has delivered and then they stab it in the back of the neck. Republicans have an X, its called conception. And any reasonable person should take the position of, when in doubt, err on the side of caution.

When people like Kamala Harris predict the “destruction of the constitution,” someone…anyone…should remind her of how Congress just stood by and let Obama act like a little Hitler and nullify every single 1 of the principles of the Constitution in his effort to “transform” America into a muslim country subject us to the islamic caliphate. If it weren’t for the personality “Q,” it wouldn’t be widely known that the dems and the republicans are engaged in a “16-year plan,” to destroy America. It would not be widely known that the democrats are engaged in the global child sex trade. If it were not for “Q” “We, the people”, would not know that the dems and their republican counterparts were engaged in serial acts of treason as they even today, continue to sell out the nation to our enemies. (think Awan brothers, muslim brotherhood, Soros) If it were not for the personality “Q,” we would not know that the Dems and the their republican cohorts were intentionally and deliberately helping Soros open up our borders to illegal immigration. If it were not for the “Q” personality, we would not know that the obama administration was composed of organized criminals who hijacked the American government, engaged in illegal wars, at the behest of the energy oligarchs and killed millions if their thirst for power and money. If it were not for the “Q” personality, we would, as a nation, be under the control of powers that are beyond our ability to understand the connections, thereof. However, the dems and republicans who think like them and conspire with them, have been unmasked. and having been exposed for the traitors that they are, how can they expect anyone to vote for them in an election? What true-blooded American would vote for politicians if they knew that that politician had sex with children? Possibly their lost child? these sick bastards are in control of, well…everything. How long do you think that that will continue now that we know that they are orchestrating the global sex and drug trade? Things will never go back to where they were before “Q.”