Arizona's 8th Congressional District

Today, Arizona’s 8th Congressional district is having an election to replace former Congressman Franks. Republican Lesko is favored to win this Congressional race. This Congressional district was won by Romney by 25 percentage points and was won by Trump by 21 percentage points. This Congressional district needs to stay red for the Republicans.

here are the candidates…

If Republican Lesko ends up winning by less than 10 percentage points, then it will likely be big trouble for Republicans in the upcoming Arizona Senate race. Trump won Arizona by just 3.6%, and moderate Democratic Congresswoman Sinema is very likely going to be the Democratic Nominee for Senate in AZ here.

I agree. This district is reddest of red.

Lesko won, which was expected. That 5.8% spread though right now. Pretty solid for Democrats considering Trump carried that district by 21%. Falls well in line with the other special election trends dating back to last year.

Yeah if this trend holds, Republicans will lose 40+ house seats and the Senate might even be in play.

If that spread holds…it’s not a good sign for the R’s. That district has Sun City and is chock full of old white retirees. It’s the reddest of red.

The d actually won Glendale and some of the closer to Phoenix burgs. Out west it was still solid red. Final outcome 52.6-47.4 5.2 margin of victory.


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