Area 51, Aliens, and Karen

Well folks, this is it. This is the day it’s supposed to happen.

Place your bets here. Will the Naruto Runners dodge their bullets? Will the Karens be able to distract the managers? Will Kyle finally get a girlfriend?

Some heroes have already begun to take the initiative.

How many Darwin award winners will there be?


At least one, possibly all of them. lol

I still get surprised every day…as to just how stupid…and drama filled ridiculous the world has become, in search of nothing burgers.


Alien Ass Cheeks*

Without going into too much detail over the pics in that link, I propose a strict thigh gap minimum for certain outfits. This is a very important mission.

Man you have to feel sorry for those “sex workers”

from your link

and a Nevada brothel is offering discounts to “E.T. enthusiasts”.

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Do you think this is his new job, after being fired from GEICO? :sunglasses:

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Wait… isn’t that Ugh from Progressive?? I thought he joined the Army? :thinking:



One of the live streams from earlier this morning. Apparently, the government cloud-seeded the sky in order to try and prevent the runners from gaining traction. lol

These people are stupid, it would be a lot easier to just vote for Bernie.

Just consider this stupidity as putting chlorine in the gene pool.

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It’s an excuse for a party. Hope they have fun.