Are you preparing for the coming depression?

Let’s face it. Things are not looking good under the Biden regime, and rather than doing anything to mitigate the disaster, Joe is pouring gas on his dumpster fire as fast as he can.

Inflation is at a forty year high which is eating or has eaten the pay raises we got. Gas prices are at record highs and now we are being warned if a diesel fuel shortage. Comrade Joe has already told us that we can expect food shortages. American babies are now facing starvation. Supply chain problems, which began about the time Joe was elevated to power have not gotten better, and in fact are getting worse, peoples savings accounts are being depleted and their stock market based 401Ks have shrunk significantly in the past several months. Drug overdoses are skyrocketing, Crime is getting worse and closer to home. Last week two people were shot to death in an apartment complex less than a mile from where we live.

All of these problems are compounded by each other and rather than doing anything useful, the dithering idiot in the White House is still laser focused on putting every other nation on earth ahead of the American public he took an oath to protect.

Personally, I’ve begun making preparations that I never seriously thought I’d have to make. I’ve been stocking up on food for one and other necessities. Medicines, batteries and other items that will become harder to get as people see their resources shrink and supermarket shelves get emptier and emptier. I’ve moved one of my guns from the safe to my nightstand drawer.

I believe it’s only really beginning to sink in just what Joe has really been up to and I haven’t seen any indication that anything is going to get better anytime soon.

I’d like to be wrong here. I hope I never have to rely on the steps I’ve taken to prepare and that I never have to defend myself against people wanting to take it, but…


How does one go through everyday life living in a state of fear like that?

Take heart Mr. Trader.

I have no doubt that your skies will clear and your outlook will improve considerably the minute Biden leaves office.

It helps to pretend that the Zombies are coming.

Doubt it. K’mla Harris will take over.

Enjoy your bunker!

Off to a Roar of a decade. :wink:

How does one go through life living off of government dole?


Who is on the dole here?

I’m considering dropping acid again.

Has nothing to do with politics but, you know…might be fun…

Ole Joe has only been in office 16 months…

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Fear?? I suppose you could look at it that way. I call it prudence. You didn’t deny one thing I said. We both know you really can’t. But at the same time, to admit reality would confirm your fear, namely that you were taken in by the lies of Joe Biden and will defend him in the face of overwhelming evidence of his incompetent handling of everything he’s touched.

I don’t know you personally, but I would bet you aren’t among the super wealthy who haven’t been affected yet by the damage Joe has done to this economy and country. I don’t have to know where you live to know you are paying double for gasoline as I am where I live. I don’t have to know what you spend on groceries to know you are paying the same 25-75% higher prices on your groceries as I am. I don’t have to know what you do for a living to know that if you have a stock market based retirement plan like me and most Americans, you’ve lost a lot of money in the last few months. I don’t have to know what state or city you live in to know crime is up where you live just like it is where I live. You can pretend drug deaths are down, you can pretend illegal immigration isn’t at record numbers, you can pretend our countries enemies haven’t gotten more aggressive since January of 2021 and that we are as close to nuclear war as we’ve been since the 60s, but if you are intellectually honest, you at least admit the truth to yourself, even if being a Lib prevents you from doing so publicly.

Seriously, what problem has Joe made better for Americans? How has he made us greater? What has he built back better? How has he made our country safer from our enemies? Other than appeasing the feelings of fringe groups and criminals, who has Joe helped?

I don’t “fear” as much as regret what is happening to my country under the rule of people utterly ignorant of what they’re doing, and much more importantly, the price they are going to pay for their foolishness. What is going to happen is going to happen. No, I don’t fear it, but I don’t have to bury my head in the sand and then be like a deer in the headlights when it happens either.

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Idk…you tell me.

We might see a temporary improvement, but people are stupid. The real problem is spiritual and therefore has no political solution. Sure, I think Dems are going to see massive losses this year and that Republicans will be back in power come January of 25, but since our nature won’t change then eventually we will go the way of Rome. I didn’t use to think it would happen in my lifetime, but now I’m not so sure.

You know, as much as I rant against you guys, I really don’t want to see anyone suffer. I have friends and family that are going to go through what’s coming because of their lackadaisical approach to life. It’s like people are in a coma and just can’t be woke up.

I first thought this was going to be a liberal meltdown depression. Then i thought that it maybe a long breadlines and financial depression.

Now i think it is the biden twighlight zone.

The mistake here is assigning all blame to Joe Biden - it’s every progressive Democrat currently in office.

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Im the average blue collar union member working joe. And I can honestly say I haven’t felt any difference really. I could pretty much write my own paycheck at work if I wanted, overtime is readily available, and manditory most days. I haven’t had to change my lifestyle at all.


It is a combo of them and thier spiritual leader.

Yep, it is your story to spin any way you want.