Are You Paying Attention? While Everyone is Busy With Ukraine

^* Almost no one is talking about the corrupt bidens and what they were doing in China. Where the big money was.

And according to some reports, hunter biden NEVER registered as a foreign agent!! Which I hear is a bad thing!!


Thank goodness you’re here to keep us on track with burger news that’s 100% all beef!


The article focuses primarily on the Ukraine… and then “alleges” something about China. Looks like Pete Schweizer is reporting hearsay about Hunter Biden but now you’re fine with hearsay… right?

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Hey everybody, you all have been busy with Ukraine, you need to pay attention to Ukraine. Lol.

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The disgusting corrupt bidens could pull off a cocaine-fueled heist of the U.S. Mint in broad daylight and their “followers” would all say “It’s already been investigated.”


You might want to wait until something is proven before trotting out the adjectives. People might see symptoms of another “derangement” syndrome if you are not careful.

This whole flap is cover for Biden. It all began when Biden opened his yap bragging about his part in the firing of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General.

They sacrificed Biden. They don’t think they can beat Trump at the box.

China deal?

It’s gonna be much, much bigger than the Ukrainian thing.


Don’t count biden out yet.

I’d be more worried about warren’s standing going down.


Biden’s done. They were looking for an excuse to dump him. He can’t come back from all this.


The only way Biden recovers is if everyone else flames out due to an even bigger series of scandals.

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Its gonna be yuuuggggeeee?

Nobody cares except you guys

The biggest. Like ever!!!

You care.

Not about the Biden hype. Classic misdirection. It’s all been debunked

That’s ridiculous.

Nothing has been debunked. he coerced the Ukrainians to fire the prosecutor for a billion dollar pay off benefiting the company his son worked for.

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You got em now