Are you Naive Enough To Let Yourself Believe In Global Warming?

This is really funny, and true! Please listen to the whole thing! Click on the link, or go to youtube and just type; George Carlin on The Environment.

My major questions to all of the Global Warming ■■■■■■■■ out there is this? Do you honestly think that it’s not possible for the liberal media news to simply just tweak the ratings system of statistics weather wise? Even if it’s .001 percent for each major city in America, who is really going to notice? Let alone care to call someone out on it. I know the Democrats aren’t going to call their own people out on it. It’s not like millions of ice caps reform or anything right? Oh waaaaaaaaait they do! Its just the Liberal insane Media enjoys pointing out when a big one melts, but oops, fails to mention any time that they constantly reform? Oops, their bad. lol.
I just hope that the great people from facebook, google, and people like George Soros, and Al Gore can keep flying their private jets, and owning several houses that cause more of a carbon footprint than probably like 20 people throughout their lifetimes will.
I did love when Carlin said something to the effect of; “The planet has been through a lot worse than us(meaning humans), or anything that we’ve put it through. Then goes on to say things like; Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Plate tectonics, Continental drifts, solar flares, magnetic storms, sun spots, comets, asteroids, meteors, worldwide fires, erosion, Tidal waves, and you people think that some plastic bags, and some aluminum cans are going to make a difference? then the crowd laughs loudly and applauds. He says the planet isn’t going anywhere, humans are.” Hmm, that makes a lot of sense.

Oh god that means next they will discover livejournal

Sorry, I don’t know what connies is?

He posted this same thing in a different thread too.

You don’t believe in aliens? There are literally billions of planets in the universe. The odds that earth is the only one with intelligent life is extremely low.

Hey Abra, look at that sentence you typed right there. Read it over and over again a dozen times or until the meaning of it begins to sink into your head.

Thank you for that. You could not have summed up any better exactly what the effects of global warming will be, and why we should be doing whatever we can to not accelerate it.

Good job! :rofl:

And judging by a lot of posts here, the odds of there being intelligent life on this planet are pretty slim as well.

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Actually, recent science says it may not be so likely after all.

Saturn and Jupiter disrupting our systems formation to give us terrestrial size planets may be a one in a billion anomaly.

And even prior to that plugging current realistic numbers into the Drake equations yielded this.


By factoring in the scientific uncertainty for components like how often life evolves, the researchers determined that the odds that we are the only intelligent life in the Milky Way range between 53 and 99.6 percent. The odds get a bit better when they include the observable universe — the chance that humanity is alone ranges between 39 and 85 percent. The research was published on the journal preprint server arXiv.

You should read the peer reviews for that study.

Apparently they just discovered Carlin too.

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I love George Carlin. If you’re going to want to use his comedy to promote policy, cons better be careful. Hes not too keen on the upper class and war/military.

There is a chance of almost pretty much anything in the world happening. A lighting storm could strike my house this second, but without it raining out right now, it would be nearly an astrological anomaly. I could get sucked into a black hole by walking outside. But once again the chances of that happening are next to impossible. Could aliens be real? Sure anything is possible, but is it likely? NO. It would be an astrological anomaly. Especially with all of the technology now adays to know actually have it proven to the point where it would be all over every news stations 24-7, 365 days a year.

hahaha. It’s funny, because as he got older and wiser, he became a lot more Conservative Republican. Where as before when he was younger, he was super Socialist liberal.
Both him and I rebelled when we were younger, but I came to my senses with my intellect, and maturity politically wise than he did a lot sooner, and younger than he did.

No he didn’t

… assuming all the factors are random.

“to each is their own.”

Conservatives should be very careful about Carlin. He thinks that they are pieces of ■■■■.

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Thought. Terrible reason for an edit.

I mean how long has the whole Global Warming b.s. movement been going on?
How much technology do we have now a days? We have the technology for smart cars, but has anyone technology after technology to get a non-gas guzzling jet?. A non gas guzzling Truck?
How about figuring out how to make all of the pollution that comes out of industrial building safer? Why aren’t there solutions for that already? Or are people that believe in Global Warming even working on things like that?

Sometimes when it’s really cold in the winters on a regular basis, or even extremely cold in the winters, I joke around with my friends, geese this is Global Warming at work!
Just like in the Summers, when it’s really hot out, I mock Global Warming also, and say it’s Global Warming at work. lol. People that believe in Global warming always have a pathetic excuse for everything