Are you in favor of date for 1st Presidential debate being moved up?

Saw earlier today that President Trump campaign is apparently now in favor of moving up 1st debate to early September since some states commence mailing out ballots as soon as September 4th.

With initial debate currently scheduled for September 29th, that will have ALL people receiving such ballots the opportunity to at least see one Presidential debate beforehand.

On the surface, seems like a good idea for the debate committee to seriously consider.

What say everyone else?

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Yes…I agree. Better yet. Early voting shouldn’t be any earlier then say 2 weeks out.

Yes, I am. Debates should come before voting.


The state laws on early voting already long in effect should remain unchanged for this upcoming election in my humble opinion.

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No thanks.

Everyone wins when that theater has as little effect on the election as possible.

i can except that…so move the debate up. But in future early voting invite abuse. It give those that are actively gaming our system time to corrupt it.

Vote early…debate late??

Something funny is going on.



It’s not the first time.

It also isn’t like Biden has anything else more pressing going on.

We all know he is in his basement lair linking up zoom chats until November 3rd.

Absolutely they should be moved up.

We all know who we are going to vote for (for the most part) but there are those who are still undecided.

Moving the debates to before people can cast a mail in ballot my affect an undecided one way or another.

Liked. Let me add with the exception of 1968 and 1972 general elections there have been presidential debate’s every 4 years since 1960. Back when JFK-Nixon debated they were televised on September 26th, October 7th and October 13th. Why they don’t move at least one of them up some, escapes me.
Especially since I imagine more and more ballots will be cast by mail every election going forward.

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Political strategery


What if Trump totally screws up the debate? Seems like this is rolling the dice bigly.


I’d say yes - go ahead and move them up, with Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Jonathan Swan as moderators. I can pretty much guarantee that would increase viewership.


There will be screw ups on both sides. The question will come down to who won in spite of them.

Move up the debate. That’s a great idea.

If someone is undecided they are welcome to wait until after the debate. No one is forcing anyone to vote early.


Which is never clearly decided. Trump supporters will say that he won no matter what. Biden supporters will say the same.

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The undecided and the independents won’t.