Are you happy with Walk away Joe?

What’s up with Joe? He’s totally ignoring the Whitehouse press corps. For a man who promised transparency, he’s cut off nearly all access. Relying on the redhead clean up all his messes. The reporters ask questions, and they are greeted with the back of Joe’s head as he bolts for the door. This is the most inaccessible president I have ever seen. Like he’s afraid of something. Are you happy with walk away Joe?



Now threads have devolved to asking questions of people who aren’t even on the forum to answer them. Or are they?!?!,


This isn’t Twitter. Conservative questions are allowed.
Are you happy with walk away Joe?

Weird. Right?


And there’s only one way to, and only one right answer… Those are the rules, thats how these threads go …lol.


I noticed walk away Joe before the term was coined. I agree (with the name walk away Joe)

This is what we get when the news media, fakebood, twittle Dumb decides to protect one candidate campaigning and leading from the basement, and, actively campaign against the other.

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Like his buttocks were on fire.

They think this will all just blow over.


For the past two days I have watched press conferences at the DOD, DOS and the White House. And both days the reporters asked the same question. How many Americans are left in Afghanistan? And both days the folks running the press conferences have had to repeat the reason why. So today when he was leaving the podium I heard a reporter shout out the same question. So what is the point for Biden to hang around and answer questions that have already been asked and answered? Jen does a daily presser where she takes multiple questions on multiple subjects.

How this op now reflective of twitter? Come on now

First he has to answer

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I do not do Twitter dumb or fakebook

Okie dokie.

interesting how now people are critical of how the “press” behaves

how about that



Well for the most part in the past the press pays attention and doesn’t ask the same question after receiving a good explanation. The past couple of days it was like multiple reporters were not paying attention at all.

i quite disagree

trump was asked about “fine people both sides” for about a week straight from the same ninnies


I guess if you think “We don’t know” is an acceptable answer. Then yes they answered all the questions.


Oooh i didn’t get that one yet. Thanks!

Can i have one for presidential Language police. Pleaseee

Glad you agree. You should have voted for Trump

Once again. Same response as quoted.

Well it was a honest answer with a honest reason.