Are you getting mail?

In politics because Trump apparently isn’t going to fund the Post Office.

Weird that he bails out airlines and other businesses, but not the post office that delivers mail - commnications - to people… Like their stimulus checks.

Here in Cheyenne my mail people haven’t missed a day, but apparently in California (according to a message board I read) mail sevice is spotty.

Anyone here not getting their mail?

The biggest expense for the PO outside of salaries and benefits is fuel which is at record low prices.

Just how much of a bail out do they need beyond the 10bn dollar loan they were granted in the bill?

A loan that Trump and allies didn’t want to make.

I take it you are getting your mail?

They need to be exempted from pre-funding 75 years worth of pensions per decade.

A requirement no business is required to abide by.

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Seriously. Its been the plan of Big Business to destroy the post office for a long time now.

And people who live in the middle of nowhere would be the ones who would pay the most for such a thing.

It is so funny…people try to say anything the government runs is less efficient than private industry.

The Postal Service is actually quite efficient and would turn a small profit if allowed to escape its ridiculously onerous pension mandate.

Medicare is by and large more efficient at delivering better coverage at a lower cost than private insurance.

People forget what capitalism is good for and what it is not good for.

It is by far the best way to generate economic wealth that we know of.

It is terrible at delivering a “universal good” that all people need at at least a basic level.

If I can’t afford the latest iPhone or car, I can survive with a used vehicle or a cheap way to access the Internet.

If I can’t get health coverage, that becomes problematic and also becomes more of a drag on the economy than if I had some basic coverage guaranteed.


They aren’t even a little discreet about their intentions either

Yep… big business is seeing public goods as one of the last untapped resources for profit.

Nope. I see the pony ride by every day. :sunglasses:

People can vote by mail.

Not if the post office disappears. ; )

From the same brain trust that thought firing Comey would end any Russian investigation.

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Why would bailing out cruise ship companies be an imperative but not bailing out the USPS?

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Salaries and benefits? How many of the old timers are left? You’re lucky if you can get a part time job there now. The pay there is not what it used to be. I wouldn’t even consider it a good job anymore.

why is the post office expected to make a profit or even be revenue neutral?

are the courts or the military expected to be profitable?

vastly different organizations, funding, structure, objectives


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Wrong. The loan was already in the package, the argument was over an additional 10bn in grants.

If you’re going to rant about a subject some familiarity with the subject mater would be helpful.

No other business is granted a gov’t protected monopoly either and yes, they should be required to fully fund their pension programs as should every other business or gov’t entity that has a pension plan.

Mail deliveries have not been shut down.

The Cruise Line industry was shut out of the bailouts.

Lots of talk about selling freeways and turning into tollways for private companies to maintain.