Are you frustrated with democratic waffling yet?

What weather has caused such damage to crops?

The weather, you say?

tlaib, maxine, tom steyer, 9 2020 candidates…

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I’m using facts. With facts, talking points are not necessary.

What about your blind loyalty? Your party has pushed the impeachment thing down your throat for three years. It has been their number one priority. Now they are saying never mind and pulling that rug out from under you. And continue to cheer them?

I especially liked it when Trump said; “They won’t impeach me, the courts won’t allow it”. The man is clueless. And I do believe that an impeachment investigation will be started.

Supporting impeachment doesn’t mean they promised it.

You want a failed promise? Healthcare. Crime and violence. The wall.

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It’s been their number one priority for three years, You’ve been conned.

I have never felt that anyone promised impeachment. Stop telling me what I’m supposed to think. Save that for the trump cult.

I have not ever and still don’t want him impeached. He’ll be sent packing through an election.


It’s been their number one priority for three years. You’ve been conned.

democratic waffling crepes me out…


Proof that they ran and promised Impeachment prior to let say may?

Stop interrupting my rant with comedy or I’ll pancake you! :fist:

You’re projecting.

And you’re protecting. :joy:

How many Democrats are in the house? How many promised impeachment?

Oh, so a conservative Op-Ed author thinks that Democrats have been promising impeachment?

Well, that settles it then.


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I read the OP. Nowhere in there did it say anything about “promises”, and yet several of you jumped on that track for some reason.

Nor did it say anything about “promised impeachment prior to May”. I’m not searching for anything based on your misunderstanding of the OP and based on a question that was never posed.

The ones I listed have been promising impeachment to gullible collusion gimps. Deal with it.

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The op specifically stated we were promised Impeachment over the past 3 years.
I picked may since the Mueller report changed things for a lot of people.

So who has been promising me impeachment for over 3 years?

Here’s the OP. Perhaps you’ll be good enough to highlight the word “promise” for us:

Thanks in advance!