Are you frustrated with democratic waffling yet?

For nearly three years the dems have tried to convince you, their loyal base that they would be impeaching The President. You would think that after three years they would have their act together and would be moving. But not so. They are frozen with inaction. Sure, they still babble a lot about impeachment, but there is no real evidence that they are going to actually do a thing other than talk. Is all of the bluster good enough for you? Or. Is it time to put up or shut up? Are you happy with total inaction?

I’m a liberal democrat and I’ve never been promised impeachment.

Yes, I love that Nancy Pelosi has owned Trump and he’s accomplishing nothing. The Dems are going to successfully make Trump a one term president. By 2021 he’ll be flushed and forgotten.

Yes you have.

And you did not answer the question. Are you happy with the inaction? Is all of the babble good enough for you?

Yes, I’m thrilled with the inaction. Because it’s not inaction. Trump agenda is dead.

Pelosi is cool.

Nobody promised us impeachment. It seems to have you in a dander, though.

I can see why after Mexico not paid for the not wall.

What inaction? They only control the house and even then only shortly.

Just stop with this lame bull ■■■■■

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By whom?

What’s funny is Trump wants the Dems to try and impeach him. He thinks that will help him politically. The Dems know this, so they talk about it but will never do it. They own trump. I bet next weeks infrastructure week will be huge!


The voice from “Field of Dreams” must have said so.

Who promised me? No one I voted for… weird.

Yeah. At some point the distinction between straw man and delusion starts getting fuzzy. Mighty fuzzy.

Talk about inaction. Where is the best healthcare bill that will be cheaper and cover more people? Where is the end of crime and violence? Where is the wall? Where is the balanced budget? Where are the greatest deals ever? Me thinks the OP is projecting.


Tax cuts, regulations slashed, ISIS dead, Two supreme court justices. Embassy in Jerusalem. A booming economy, Unemployment at historic lows, manufacturing jobs that Obama declared to be dead are back. That doesn’t sound very dead to me. But sure. Call it dead if it makes you feel better. And I’m glad you are fine with being deceived about impeachment.

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democratic waffling brings government syrup for all

Answer this. If the economy is so great why has the president needed two emergency rescue bills for farmers to the tune of billions?

Those manufacturing jobs are BACK!!

There is no if. The economy is great By nearly every measure.

And to answer your question. Because food prices are low and they can’t get their crops in due to weather. I never claimed that the economy was perfect. But it is far exceeding even the most generous expectations.

Regurgitating talking points doesn’t make anything you said true, but your blind loyalty is appreciated by dear leader.