Are you a fascist?

. . .anti-fascism must necessarily be anticapitalist. -Antifascist handbook, p. 130

If you support capitalism in any form you are a fascist according to Antifa; even Bernie Sanders is a fascist according to this definition.

That understanding agrees with history dating back to 1930s Germany. Antifa was started by the German Communist party (KPD) with support from Stalinist Russia. They fought against anyone who supported capitalism, especially the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany), which was the leading parting in the ruling coalition. Here is a description from Wikipedia:

Under the leadership of the committed Stalinist Ernst Thälmann, the KPD viewed fascism primarily as the final stage of capitalism rather than as a specific movement or group and therefore applied the term to all other parties. The front focused largely on attacking the KPD’s main adversary, the centre-left Social Democratic Party of Germany, whom they referred to as social fascists and regarded as the “main pillar of the dictatorship of Capital”.

Antifa in the 1930’s sometimes allied itself with the Nazis. If a Communist/Nazi alliance sounds far fetched consider the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, which divided up eastern Europe between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during the first year and a half of World War II. Here is a description of a similar relationship in the early 1930s in Germany:

The KPD viewed the Nazi Party ambiguously during the early 1930s. On one hand, the KPD considered the Nazi Party to be one of the fascist parties, albeit a lesser evil than the SPD. On the other hand, the KPD sought to appeal to the left-wing of the Nazi movement by using nationalist slogans.[7] The KPD sometimes cooperated with the Nazis in attacking the SPD.[27] In 1931, the KPD had united with the Nazis, whom they referred to as “working people’s comrades”, in an unsuccessful attempt to bring down the SPD state government of Prussia by means of a referendum.[28]

Why are Biden and other Democrats supporting a group that want to impose a radical Anti-Capitalist / Stalinist state?

Why has Biden never renounce them by name?

Is Biden making a bargain with a devil that will come after him if he wins?

Defunct Antifaschistische Aktion (German: [ˌantifaˈʃɪstɪʃə ʔakˈtsi̯oːn]), commonly known under its abbreviation Antifa (German: [ˈantifaː]), was a militant anti-fascist organisation in the Weimar Republic started by members of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) that existed from 1932 to 1933.

That Antifa and the modern Antifa in the US are not the same. They don’t want to impose a radical Anti-Capitalist/Stalinist State. You’re thinking of tankies.

Yeah…and CHAD was the perfect example of that…amirite?


Same flag. Same policies But not the same.

Your gas light is showing.close-empty-petrol-gasoline-gauge-260nw-1125504905

I see a group that mimics it’s namesake.

It wants to destroy…period. Most akin to a serial killer in drive.

Nope, because CHAD wasn’t setup or run by Antifa.

Radical anticapitalist of course they do. You aren’t listening.

When I think of anti-capitalist members of Congress, a senator from Delaware is the top of the list. Such anti-capitalists in the state of Delaware.

Because of the close relationship between Biden and MBNA, an article in the conservative political magazine National Review referred to Biden as the “Senator from MBNA”.[16][17][18][19],the%20"Senator%20from%20MBNA".

Modern Antifa is a leftist umbrella organization and includes members that are socialists, communists, anarchists, and social democrats. There are even some tankies, but a large chunk of antifa is anarchists of varying forms and Stalinism is pretty much the opposite of anarchy. The only unifying thing they have in common is being anti-fascist.

That’s not my car.


No. It just wants to silence fascists.

I am listening… I’m listening to Antifa… who are you listening to?

Its not for nothing they selected “antifa” as a name. It makes it look like they are an old organization. Yeah, if you believe “the tea party” started in the 1770s. Also, its a way of saying "Anybody we disagree with is You Know Who’. And if He is their enemy, then they don’t have to allow Him to speak, nor do you have to hold back violence.
(I think you know to whom I refer)

How do they define “fascists”?

If you want to silence fascists, and not allow them to speak nor allow people to listen to them, then don’t you think you should have a pretty specific definition of a fascist?

Ahhhhhhhh…urite…CHAZ…and it is definitely Antifa


When interwar authoritarian leaders felt much less threatened, they often implemented
fascistic policies from above. For most revolutionaries, this means that anti-fascism must necessarily be anticapitalist. As long as capitalism continues to foment class struggle, they argue, fascism will always loom in the background as an authoritarian solution to popular upheaval.

They also aim to construct a classless, post-
capitalist society that would eradicate significant discrepancies in our ability to make our speech meaningful, and in the amount of time that we have to do so.

Just two examples

Antifa: The Anti-fascist Handbook

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Still wasn’t Antifa.

But claims that bands of militant Antifa members are roving the Seattle streets appear to be grossly exaggerated in right-wing media. In fact, according to the Seattle mayor’s office, city officials haven’t seen any evidence to indicate armed members of Antifa are even on the ground.

CNN eh? Great source but right in the first line it says, " Armed militant activists with the group Antifa"

You can attempt to rewrite history but too late…it’s already in the books.

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China is fascist. It’s all just tyranny. Ask the founders… :grinning:

That doesn’t mean a Stalinist State. And he’s not talking about all of Antifa… he’s talking about the anti-authoritarians. A Stalinist state is authoritarian.