Are you a Bloomburger?

Liberals love to have their cute, insulting names for voters who vote differently than they do. For example “Trumpist.” Not very creative. But it does have a hateful sound to it. We need to come up with a few insults to fire back at them. Nothing hateful. Just cute. I have a couple. Does anybody have any others?

  1. If Liz wins the nomination, her supporters must be labeled as, “The Tribe.” I mean, that’s just too easy to pass up. It’s perfect.

  2. Bloomberg supporters should be Bloomburgers. Or how about Bloomingburgers? It’s great. It sounds like something you order at outback steakhouse.

Who’s next?

I like it.

Like a Roethlisburger with no meat.


Nothing beats the cute nicknames used for Buttigieg. Except maybe the ones used for Clinton. :slight_smile:

Where’s your sense of humor, libs?

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better name for bloomberg supporters is “sold!”


Yep, sold their soul to highest bidder.


Meanwhile Mini Mike purpose a ban on baby formula.

I mean think abut that for a moment? It seems right up libs alley…to ban things they deem social unacceptable.

I remember Rmoney being used with regularity by the libs here during 2012… or can’t we do that anymore?

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the saint will live out his days in mittiocrity

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I don’t know if Bloomburger will work. He might ban burgers by executive order if they’re not healthy enough for him.

Of course you can! Not as inventive, clever, or hilarious as Hildebeast, Obummer, Butt-gay-edge, or others but poor libs keep tryin’!

But to the OP’s point, yes - Trump Nation definitely needs more cute nicknames and insults for lame libs! :rofl:


Budburg. It’s a short joke. He hasn’t quite bloomed.

Depends, is he heavily invested in a competing product, like Bloomberg is with vaping?

Not sure. But he had a beef with large sodas and said no more.

Probably has a stake in beyond meat.

Buncha damn Bloopergs. lol

If bloomburg win I will move to Greenland Canada isn’t far enough away from that turd.

Check for bottled water investments.

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And flat-out calls for open borders.

I call him Darth Bloomberg. Sorry…I lived in NYC under his reign