Are we safer now? that is the question

So you have no problem with our leadership’s blatant hypocrisy. So noted. :roll_eyes:

Or because it might constitute child abuse. :man_shrugging:


In case you haven’t heard. I’m a really bad man. Bad to the bone. And I don’t deny it. So by all means, note it. :japanese_goblin:

Yeah keyboard warriors are really “bad.” So bad that when confronted with facts they deflect and go personal. So “bad.” Really. :roll_eyes:

Agreed. KBW’s are a special kind of Eeevil.

Should we assassinate Kim Jong-un?

Yeah…I know…and no matter what Trump did, you’d have started a thread the next day…just like this one…bitching? Ask yourself, have you ever had anything nice to say or…are you absolutely consumed to the very core of your soul…with TDS?

Those two incidents were not perpetrated by ISIS. I’m beginning to doubt ISIS has done anything here.

Iraq is not our ally.

What are you?

Yes, we’re safer thanks to

Credit: @bighurtrocks

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The Iranian people believe they are safer now and are thanking Trump on social media.

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Okie. I am not sure where the disconnect is. How a cult with a strong internet presence and hell of a call to action is not at least in part responsible for Those actions carried out in its name But okie

From Iran? Are you sure?

We are safer btw

Why aren’t we assassinating Kim Jung then?

Listen up people…IF…you want to hear the truth.

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It’s been asked by several posters and no responses.

The 9/11 hijackers were funded and came from Saudi Arabia.

So why didn’t we attack them instead of Iraq?

If we are not “the world’s police” then why did we have the First Gulf War?

Why should we care if Saddam or Assad gassed their own people?

I didn’t hear this “we’re not the world’s policemen” back when these things were happening.

There’s a post that probably won’t age well.

Do we blame the Germans for neo Nazis in the US?

You want to send troops “to fight them over there” based on that? A pipe bomb and a shooting.

They’re a local JV team.