Are We Just Not Learning from History?

yes…my friend…I did. I pointed them out at the end of Comey’s l’il speech exonerating Hillary. I pointed out how I can see details of collusion between the FBI and the DoJ to exonerate Hillary. I then started two threads on this; one of will Trump fire Comey on day 1 and the other regarding the absolute danger to our country if there is collusion going on at the top levels of our government that are supposed to be non-political. Both were started prior to what is being exposed today.

He is not talking about Hillary and Comey.

Dude…these guys have been out there beating whatever drum you were beating long before you were beating it. You got it from them.

How do I know?

Because no one you have ever linked to was unknown to me before you linked them.

Stop it, dude…just stop it.

You’re not fooling anyone.

You’re as susceptible as anyone to confirmation bias.

Nothing you’ve brought to our attention was you “connecting the dots” or “pointing out missing dots” in any way, shape or form.

I hope their insurance company makes them pay for it. Most companies have wellness clauses, that make you comply with wellness activities such as vaccinations. But my guess is that they don’t believe in insurance either. Vaxxers are stupid

When I worked for another company in Florida, a high deductible had to be paid before insurance even thought about providing care in the event of

Being a drunk driver

Being involved in an accident where any insured were involved in an auto accident where seat belt wasn’t worn.

Dental insurance paid 50% of expenses normally covered at 80% if insured hadn’t even gone for one preventative cleaning & exam the previous calendar year.

There should in insurance contracts be a clause that an absurdly high deductible must be met to care for illnesses preventable by vaccination, and those whose unvaccinated status sickens another should have to pay for their care, IMO.

The consensus among veteran political commentators on both sides is that “Comey’s l’il speech” can be cited as much as anything else as a primary cause of Hillary’s defeat.

I don’t know how you can beat a drum before it’s made but that’s what they’d have had to do. I called it and was lambasted for it. A conspiracist… Remember me as little tidbits would get revealed that would further confirm what I had stated…drip, drip, drip… You were there my amnesiatic friend. Nahhhhh…it never happened…amirite? :sunglasses:

That sounds like everything I ever said… one way or another. And I am unanimous in that.

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Heh and james alex fields has been sentenced to life in prison. Another thing S got totally wrong yet defended to the hilt.

There should be a game show where unvaccinated adults are exposed to various and sundry diseases like smallpox and if their methods keep them disease free they win a million dollars.

For all you single guys out there looking for casual partners, limit yourself to anti vaxxer women. If you mess up and get one pregnant, then there’s a good chance you’ll only be on the hook for 4-6 years of child support instead of 18.