Are We Just Not Learning from History?

Or simply getting dumbed down?

Or do some think it’s OK for a child to physically suffer, even face death?

In any case, I think I’ll keep my tourist dollars out of those states.

Now this IS a national Emergence not throwing a few bricks into a pile down south

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I’m from the south in the northeastern U S, & we have our share of the antivaxxer clowns here.

Who threw “bricks into a pile down south”?

Can’t seem to find the particular idiot, but a nurse in Rhode Island was canned under the state’s policy for not getting a flu shot or wearing a mask.

I live in Seattle and there is a big anti vexxer movement here as well as in Portland. I think it has something to do with all the vegans :slight_smile:

It’s now being blamed on the Russians.

I knew the were behind it :rage:

Where’s Mueller when ya need em?

Partying with Roger Stone and Alex Jones.

There have been tjpse trying to claim these outbreaks are coming from caravaners.

Not necessarily at this site but it’s happening.

The story keeps blanking out and I kept getting dumped to MSN’s page so I don’t know what evidence they have, but to heap scorn on the idea Russian trolls may have been spreading this betrays a fundamental ignorance as to how trolls work and why trolling like this works.


There’s probably some merit to that comment. I don’t participate in social mediums so I’d agree that I am ignorant as to the potential influence a Russian troll may have on those that do. Being married to a nurse, I find it hard to believe that so many would place their belief in a source that they aren’t even familiar with over the advice of their local medical community.

Dude- virtually every conspiracy theory you adhere to is based off something you showed us from bloggers you don’t know on YouTube.

Were you being intentionally ironic?


And after theit child went through all of this, his idiot parents refused to let him get the follow up tetanus shots or any other vaccinations.

When I point out here things that don’t add up, I don’t then make life altering decisions based on that SPECULATION. Isn’t it cool though that many of those things I pointed out to you years ago, are still in the process of the truth being revealed, one way or the other?

QAnon says hi! :wave:

Believing these unknown bloggers are “uncovering the truth” IS a “life-altering decision”…

….and your name is a Freudian slip.

I pointed these inconsistencies out long before YouTube bloggers did…so there is that.

No…you didn’t.

They’ve been out there far longer than you have…you only found them when you went search of “evidence” the conformed to what you already chose to believe.