Are we allowed to post Trump's statements?

I posted Trump’s statement about Colin Powell in the RIP Powell thread and it was deleted. Which I understand, as Trump’s words were found and disrespectful to the deceased.

I then made a separate thread to discuss the leader of the GOP’s message, hoping to understand what his supporters thought about the worlds of the likely 2024 candidate.

I was banned for:

You have been suspended from the forum until October 20, 2021, 5:32pm.

Reason - Consumed disproportionate amounts of staff time

Blatant ignoring of moderation in another thread.

This suggests the deletion from the Powell thread indicates the message from Trump is off limits entirely.

Can someone confirm this for me please?

And does this apply to all his messages?

If not, is there a rule to determine which of his messages are in or out of bounds?

Would a thread referencing his message abut Powell without actually posting the message be in bounds, as I am still interested in discussing it. Trump is the de facto leader of the GOP and the front runner right now for 2024. It seems relevant to discuss his words and actions and how they will affect his chances.



Yes. In a separate thread that does not diminish the respect being shown fir Mr. Powell’s passing in the original thread.

On the future, you may all assume you need to wait at least 24 hours before politicizing the deaths of people who spent their lives in service to this country, no matter what Trump or anybody else does.

Also, if a post is deleted and you immediately repost the same thing in the same or another thread without asking, I for one will assume it is contempt of moderation and make the correction. Just as I did in this case.

You may now go start your thread and be awarded your Trump Points.

You weren’t banned.


Anything else?

Isn’t possible to assume that the post that was deleted, was only deleted because it was in the wrong thread?

Further why assume? Couldn’t mods just state “this doesn’t belong in this thread” or “don’t post something disparaging the dead for 24 hours”.


Got it - thanks.

Or how about possessing some form of etiquette from the start.

Yes, it can be assumed that if we delete something you post, it’s not kosher to repost it after discovery of its deletion.

This isn’t up for discussion.

For the sake of clarity, there are many things politicians say that are inappropriate for this message board. Given the timeline of the statement and our moratorium on defamatory statements of the deceased while their bodies are still warm, it was not the time for such statements to be discussed. This rule has always been the case as long as I’ve been here. The fact that some would like to circumvent this long standing grace period says much more about them than anything else.