Are Trump supporters willing to tell pollsters the truth?

Scott Adams is running an informal poll on twitter on that question, and he says it is running two to one against telling the truth about support of Trump.

My observation is that there are no shortage of news reports about people being harassed for openly supporting the President. Some have lost of their jobs or faced violent attacks.

Given the cascade of telemarketing calls with bogus identification, how can anyone be sure who is calling?

Even if a call is a valid pollster, the news is filled with stories of database hacking and doxing. How many are willing to risk revealing their support to the public from a database leak?

Personally I doubt I would answer any calls from alleged pollsters. Would you?

Me either

what if they aren’t telling the truth in his poll?

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call screening is a wonderful feature


The vast majority have not responded, which is an answer in itself.

It is the sound of the dog not barking.

Nice Holmesian paraphrase.

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If I was a Trump supporter I would vote No in that poll so I could then point to it as an excuse as to why Trump’s approval and election polling is in the toilet right now.

Advertising your support Trump was basically an invitation for vandalism in 2016 in many parts of the country:

If anything the hate of Trump supporters is even more violent now.

If you doubt that consider the recent arson attacks against homes that fly the American flag:

let me get my tiny violin.

Try putting up a sign in English in Quebec and get back to me.


So people deserve to have their homes vandalized for supporting a politician? ■■■■■■■ wow.


I didn’t know supporting trump was a cultural identity.

I didn’t say that.

It didn’t stop Obama supporters from tellig pollsters they would vote for him.

Alleged attacks on Obama supporters were national news stories. They were national because they were so rare as to be newsworthy. I say alleged, because sometimes they are not what they appear:

Attacks on Trump supporters almost never make the national mainstream news; the implication is that they were so common that they were not newsworthy. Trump supporters have been fired because of their support and singled out for attacks. Here are some examples:

is there any question about this? Do I want my home burned? Do I want people calling my work place and saying I’m a racist? Do I want a state tax audit from the great state of NY? ■■■■ no.

The same thing happened in 2016 and then Dems were surprised when the polls failed to predict the electoral win.

It will happen this time too. And it will be hilarious to watch the surprised faces.


you’ll need it for election night… just like last year.

Never heard of false flags? Jesse Smollett?
Democrats do this to themselves to paint their opponents as racists. Most of the so-called hate crimes are finally found to be Libs framing Cons.

There is no predicting what will happen, but the call response rate has dropped to low single-digit numbers, which raises questions about accuracy of polls:

Pollsters try to compensate by weighting some responses more heavily to make up for small sample sizes, but very few people bother to answer the phone unless they recognize who is calling. As the response rate approaches zero, the difficulties of getting accurate numbers become greater.

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There was a polling company during the 2016 election that was dead on in it’s prediction.
It picked Trump to lose the popular vote but win the Electoral vote. It even predicted his states with a high degree of accuracy.

It’s secret was asking a particular question- “Who do you think your neighbors will vote for?”
The theory was that people were reluctant to say they would vote for Trump so they projected their preferences onto their neighbors.