Are threads criticizing Trump still allowed?

Even extreme ones? Because I mean…I only joined the old forum around 2012-2013, but there was some REALLY vile and despicable stuff said about Obama on that forum. Unless you were using Nazi references toward him, or was just obscenely vulgar or out of line, it was allowed.

I understand protecting the families of the president, but the president himself has never been off limits before.

Just trying to gauge where we stand, especially considering it LOOKS like there’s trouble a-brewin’ with the WH right now. The last week or two hasn’t been good for Trump. Where is the line drawn?

Some people are saying that Trump qualifies as a Friend of the Host.

That or qualify as an “honored guest” or both.

Sure seems that way.

Hasn’t come down from powers that be that Trump is considered a “friend” in relation to TOS.

However the troll thread deletion still applies, or if it contains any other TOS violations.