Are Things Any Better Between The Trump Administ. And The Left!

I’m Looking For A Better Year In 2020.

I’m hoping the ‘mid-terms’ will make a big difference.

But, who knows!

I think the mid terms will make a big difference.

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What are you hoping to see - less divisiveness, more unity, better behavior?

Because that won’t happen so long as Donald is in office.

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I’m wanting to see all Americans love this wonderful country as I do.

What are you looking to see?

I’m not looking to see anything change until Donald is out of office. There will be nothing but more of the same, from both sides, until then.

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Trump has shown multiple times that his concern is towards his base and not all Americans. I want a President who speaks to and for all the people.

So you must not have been thrilled about Obama… since he was all left all the time and basically said ■■■■■ you” to conservatives…

The poor loser left will never acknowledge any gains Trump is making because then their arrogant selves would have to admit they’re wrong and pride is in the way.

What gains is he specifically making?

What I was not thrilled about was the record number of filibusters that the Republicans did during his term. Or the number of Republican ideas that he would support only to have the Republicans turn against him. He certainly did not say ■■■■ you to Republicans as much as they did to him.

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Have you seen the debt lately? Pretty historic.

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He also probably has the swampiest cabinet in recent history.

Definitely filled DC up with some of the cuddliest of swamp critters.

Scott Pruitt is like the equivalent of 4-5 swamp denizens.

I’m increasingly convinced that at least one house of Congress needs to have a majority of the opposition party to whichever party is holding the White House. Both parties have proven that they cannot be trusted with a complete monopoly of Congress and the Executive. There needs to be a balance for the purposes of accountability.

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If you can’t see anything…,than me pointing it out to a blind man like yourself will accomplish nothing. Growth in the second quarter will be hard for a blind man like yourself…not to see.

When will be the next time when a large number of people of the losing party will not refer to the winning President as an Emperor or a danger to the country…with a significant minority of the losing party mentioning “treason”?
I will guess not in my lifetime.