Are they going to silence Kamala too?

I’m betting yes. If she hasn’t done a presser within a week of being picked, we will know. We all know that Joe’s handlers won’t let him speak with reporters due to his failing brain. But is there more to it than that? I think there is. We’ll see. I’m betting that they shut down Kamala as well. If that happens we will know that they also don’t want them talking policy either. Because their policy sucks. They don’t want to be forced to discuss open borders, taxes increases, reregulation, massive energy fees , the democratic crime wave and war on police, etc. Their polies are awful and they know it. Expect them to keep her locked down as well.

BTW. Sending either one of them out to a microphone to read a prewritten complaint about Trump, then having them flee before facing the media doesn’t count in my book . Any of you here could do the same damned thing.


Honest question : do VP candidates typically have press conferences like you’re suggesting?

Ps - the DNC convention is next week. You can watch them talk then.

Yes. They talk with the media. Somebody needs to get out there and answer some questions. I have never in my life seen a presidential campaign that refuses to discuss their platform. It’s weird and a little scary.

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When was Pence’s first presser as a vp candidate?

Is Kamala a typical candidate? “Behind the scenes” sort of personality? Quiet? Content to be “2nd fiddle”?

I’m just wondering if this demand for vp candidate pressers is predicated on a history of these even happening.

I’m not looking that up. But you should if you want the answer. . I count interviews too. Do you think that both parts of the ticket should remain silent for the duration of the campaign?

You’re right the TDS force is strong on this forum and we have members that can do the same or better!

Biden: wear masks for three months
Kamala: that’s what leadership looks like

:roll_eyes: :crazy_face:


Right? If he were taking questions, I would ask him who enforces his mask mandate? The FBI? The U.S. Marshals? The Secret Service? Who? And sorry Joe, I’m not wearing a mask while I’m cutting my grass.

I tried. Couldn’t really figure it out. I assumed you knew, since you’re the one making the demand. Biden Harris will not be silent for the duration of the campaign.

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I hope you’re right. But I doubt it. I have not seen any indication that they want to discuss policy. If they do come out of hiding, I hope they have the guts to answer questions from all media outlets. Including those who are not promoting their campaign. DNC approved questions do not really answer anything. Maybe FOX should have her on for an interview?

I totally agree. If they are forced to discuss their plans, they will lose support. Open borders, taxes increases, reregulation, massive energy fees , the democratic crime wave and war on police, etc. are not what the majority wants. So it’s best to keep quiet. The only chance to expose this is to have at least one conservative sponsored debate. I’m betting that the Biden campaign will not agree to a FOX debate.

Something about stop being a bigot and come down to china town for some close proximity dining.

You are correct. I do know. They do not want their agenda questioned or even known. Your prediction has proved to be false. Let me know when that changes. Time is short.

Nancy Pelosi is the “leader” of an equal branch of government. What was her plan to fight Covid? Why did she not put it up for discussion? Now she want’s to sit back and complain when she was a total bystander? The dems certainly don’t want to speak of such things.

Here’s a 50min Biden interview from Aug 6th.

How frequently does he need to do interviews to discredit your conspiracy theory?

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Wrong. That was not an interview. That was a pep rally. He answered nothing. And was asked nothing.

It’s called plausible deniability. By trotting out other people to speak for them fails, they can deny those people comments.


She is only the leader of “one half” of the Legislative Branch,

I guess this is why Biden is such a formidable opponent for Trump…

He is a known quantity. He doesn’t need to spend 12 hours a day building a profile and establishing his positions with rallies and press conferences, like almost any of the other Dem candidates might have.

Almost everyone, Rep and Dem, knows Biden is a fairly moderate Democrat and that he believes in most of the mainstream Dem positions on taxes, healthcare, the environment, etc.

And with the pick of Harris, Biden has reinforced those moderate bona fides.

There will be ample opportunity to compare policy positions in the debates and I expect, while they will be far less frequent than Trumps, Biden and Harris will do a dozen or more interviews and press conferences.

There is simply no reason, or need, to constantly stand himself in front of unfriendly fire. People know Joe Biden. People like Joe Biden.

I totally get why Reps would whine and complain about the difference in press availability - they see Trump getting hammered every time he puts himself out there while Biden mostly benefits from a 50+ year legacy that doesn’t need to be updated every few hours and as a result he comes across as less desperate than Trump, more serious than Trump, more thoughtful than Trump - and at the end of the day, this strategy has worked well and should continue to.