Are there even 52 militarily significant target in Iran? Or did the president really threaten civilian and cultural targets

Or did he potentially use twitter to suggest these targets we’re in play. This creating a situation where he potentially is threatening war crimes.

At the very least he’s on thin ice right?

You don’t think there are more than 52 government buildings, military instilations, command and control buildings, weapons plants, and such in Iran?

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Maybe Trump has orphanages and baby formula factories in mind?

Libs will believe anything.


Of every POTUS we’ve had, Donald understands the military and strategic strikes as well as he does international diplomacy and realpolitik better than any other in history.

We’re safe as kittens, America.

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Can the MSM get any dumber? I don’t think so. :roll_eyes:

Trump gave Iran a warning that actually has some meaning behind it unlike the previous wimp in the WH that if they attack another American or an American asset or our allies there will be hell to pay! The Ayatollah and the newly deceased General are the war criminals and have murdered thousand of people in several different countries. The newly DEAD General was in a foreign country planning murder and mayhem in a country that wasn’t his.

Yeah, he knows more then his Generals. I feel all comfy now.


Obama did not issue a warning to Iran. Do your homework.

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Someone is caught up with Trump hate crowd.

He really does. Donald is an incredible intellect, an incredible visionary, and an incredible example of high virtue. America is blessed to have such a wondrous leader, and by extension so is the world.


But we see where this is going. Any counter attacks against Iran libs will be accusing Trump of war crimes.

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Libs have got nothing! Isn’t that right, libs? Donald has proven himself to be the the greatest POTUS in the history of probably ever, maybe Lincoln comes in a distant second but we’re talking LONG distance, and it just doesn’t matter to libs and their lib hate. Not that it matters, libs, because there’s nothing you can do to outsmart, outwit, out virtue, or out tough guy our Chosen One! Ya got NOTHING, libs!


He clearly stated he would attack targets that represented their culture.

…targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture , and those targets, and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD. The USA wants no more threats!

So something that represents their coulture couldn’t also be a military target?

Really Snow?

Yeah, that will be the newest liberal dog whistle.

You’ll hear it repeated ad nauseam on the LMSM

Anyway it was a bizarre statement, making some weird connection with the number 52 and talking about attacking cultural targets.

But questioning anything dear leader does is treasonous so yeah…

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You don’t think there are any?

Personally if they retaliate for the death . .

I don’t think a single government building, or military instalation in Iran should be without damage.

Talons fully out across the board I see.

His Twitter statements are bizarre and embarrassing. It’s amazing that none of his groupies can simply admit that.

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Trump doing the 2016 suggested killing the wives and families of terrorist, Republicans cheered.