Are there any areas of agreement between the left and the right these days?

I am thinking I am not alone when I say the blind partisanship in today’s politics are at ridiculous levels these days.

Are there any areas of common agreement in politics between the left and right or has it just succumbed to being against what the other side is for?

For instance
Economy, outsourcing/insourcing, immigration, security, trade, foreign policy, health care. These are the core seven issues poll after poll that Americans say matter the most to them. I don’t really hear to much conversation on these core issues but instead focusing on fringe issues.

What is the democrats policy on immigration? I will see countless articles about the seperation of a woman from their child, in which I agree is horrible. But none on the fact that Amenity International published that 60% of women are raped on there travel from latin American countries to the U.S. in which many come because they feel they will be allowed in. Who is allowed in? Do they believe in a border at all? Several polls show a significant portion does indeed want open borders, and it would seem like a good area for them to come to some agreement on.

What are the policies of the GOP on healthcare? Get rid of Obamacare, replace it with? What are the democrats policies on healthcare for 2020?

What are the democrats position on the economy and China and trade? Democrats used to be extremely against outsourcing and insourcing of American jobs.

What are the democrats position on outsourcing/insourcing?

I am only asking because I don’t hear anyone hardly talking about these core issues unless they are doing so frivolously. I hear nothing on what will change in these core issues if the democrats win the white house, house, and senate. At this point I have no clue what democrats are running on other than identity politics and against Trump.

Are there any areas of agreement in the seven core issues Americans say are important to them between this administration and the left?

Thank ya.

Very little agreement at all exists between the two parties anymore which is why we are becoming so Balkanized as a nation.

The two biggest issues among voters according to the latest polls are the economy and national security so those are two losers for democrats who keep going further and further left on both.

Obamacare has been gutted, at least the most egregious parts and for the first time in a decade our out of pocket went down and premiums did not rise. If most people are seeing similar out of their policies it won’t be a huge issue next month although it undoubtedly will be in 2020 because dem’s are going to once again push for nationalized healthcare of some sort which will again be hugely divisive.

Unless we suffer another 9-11 scale or larger attack I don’t see anything bringing this country together for the foreseeable future, the division is only going to get worse.

Did you see what happened in Portland yesterday? Antifa literally directing traffic harassing people. Anyone with a brain would know that sooner or later the powder keg is going to blow wide open and something horrible is bound to happen if things don’t calm down.


It’s Portland, the police probably encouraged it.

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They just sat and watched according to some reports.

The language in that video is not at all acceptable here. you better delete.

I saw the motorcycle cops sitting a block away doing nothing.

Do these idiots even know what they were protesting against or why they were attacking motorists?

Ok thanks …

among republican voters.

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No among all voters.

Screw the economy.

Are you disagreeing or agreeing with me?

Spoken like a a gov’t employee.

Nah. Spoken like someone who doesn’t sacrifice everything at the altar of economic efficiency.

Who exactly does? Examples?

At this point I don’t think so.

Not much.

I think that ship has sailed. And was bombed. And torpedoed. And is now resting on the ocean floor.

The major difference is a willingness to compromise. Even going back to Clinton and the GOP congress, compromise was the word of the day. Much got done during that administration.

I believe the downhill slide began with Bush 43 and the 2000 election squeaker. I believe DEMs felt they were robbed and have never fully recovered.

It certainly didn’t start with the birther movement, but the GOP’s embrace of the chief birther was one of the more disgusting acts of politics recent history. A majority of Republicans still think Obama was not born in the US. You can’t compromise with a position of such profound stupidity and fear.

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The dems have no proposals they want to run on… Perhaps there is areas of agreement but the left won’t or can’t say where it is.

One old leftist activist once told me “you can’t get left enough”… Perhaps that’s the problem…