Are the "unboosted" the new "unvaxed"?

The policy appears be “vax 'em till they drool”.

The time between “debunked” conspiracy theory to official party line keeps getting shorter.

Are the “unboosted” the new “unvaxed”?

Does it matter that there is zero evidence that the vaccines or the boosters are effective against omicron?


There is.

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Cool. Post something without a paywall so others can actually see it. The first couple of sentences sasy “it could still protect against severe disease”. That is hardly evidence that it actually does.

Reports are that the antibodies produced by the Pfizer vaccine are massively less effective with omicron than with earlier variants, and a lot of the initial cases were among the vaccinated.

Does actual data make any difference in policy?



Yes, Omicron is likely to make the vaccines obsolete. Boosted or vaxed will be irrelevant.

That is a good thing in my opinion.


I just wish there was someone who we could trust to tell us the truth about the effect of the vaccines, without having to wait 50 years.
Remember when Fauci changed the estimate on how many vaccinated people it would take to end the pandemic based on more people getting vaccinated than he at first thought.

More COVID deaths would be a good thing? We have less deaths because of vaccines and boosters.

Yes, Biden insisted that transparency was vital for people to have confidence in the vaccines. Now his administration is doing everything it can to hide information. Why should anyone trust them?

While the numbers are small, the omicron variant appears to be an epidemic among the vaccinated. Reports are all the cases are generally mild whether vaccinated or not.

At this point the vaccines have no obvious benefit against Omicron. Why the push to vaccinate?

More than 40 people in the U.S. have been found to be infected with the omicron variant so far, and more than three-quarters of them had been vaccinated, the chief of the CDC said Wednesday. But she said nearly all of them were only mildly ill.

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Displacing dangerous variants with one that is unlikely to cause serious injury is a good thing.

The fact that the Omicron variant appears to be highly resistant to the vaccines should be the nail the in the coffin for forced vaccination policies. That is a good thing as well.

I don’t mind getting a cold to end the pandemic of lockdowns, travel restrictions, mask requirements, and coerced vaccinations.

Boosters forever is not a viable alternative.


By next spring we will see a booster that targets the Omicron strain … just in time for the Pi strain.

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Predictions are difficult, especially about the future!

A pox party, eh? I hear some libs want people jailed for attempted murder regarding that with the King Cold. :wink:


For whom?

Or by next spring the vast majority of people will already have natural immunity from omicron whether they are vaccinated or not.

Will the government continue to push boosters even if they are irrelevant?


So we’ve now skipped over “covid is no worse than the flu” to “covid is like the common cold”

We humans deserve everything coming to us.

The original version of COVID was far more dangerous that the seasonal flu.

The omicron variant appears to be very mild, more like a cold. Even Fauci is acknowledging that possibility:

A COVID-19 variant that’s highly transmissible, but only causes mild cold symptoms would be the “best-case scenario,” according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). . .
“It would certainly help end the pandemic,” Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of preventive medicine and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said. “It would relieve the COVID-related stress on the health care system and we wouldn’t have to create an entirely new vaccine. It would really change things.”

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Then why do you think we will need boosters forever?

Well I don’t know if humans deserve it, but there is clearly a problem. For one thing, humans think that they are smart, but that’s only because they are stupid.

They (dems) will thru the mid terms. Gotta have the mass mail in ballots thru the mid terms don’t you know!


I don’t think we need boosters forever, but there are obvious huge interests in promoting and/or forcing that scenario.

Pfizer and Moderna could lose many billions of dollars if the Omicron variant turns out to be a cold that displaces the more-dangerous versions of COVID. Politicians would have no excuse for acting like dictators. The media would lose its scare headlines.

This could be an existential crisis for a huge segment of the country.