Are the Mayors responsible?

If the Mayor is responsible for the safety and Security of the community why are they not being held accountable for the bad cops?

How about a failed presidential candidate / county attorney failing to prosecute Chauvin, George Floyds killer.


If your talking about Klobuchar she as no longer the prosecuting attorney when that case was put before the grand jury. Even if she was if if the grand jury doesn’t return an indictment its irrelevant.

LOL as I just said:

The shooting occurred during Klobuchar’s tenure as Hennepin County attorney, but the case didn’t go before a grand jury until after she left office and later became a Minnesota senator, the Star Tribune reports.

And could she have brought the case before the grand jury while she was the county attorney but didnt? The article doesn’t really go into the detail.
Of course, there is always the possibility he was not guilty in that case.

Yes she should if true, seems strange everyone is attacking the police when it was the Mayor the people elected to maintain a safe and secure community.

Why aren’t they being held accountable for allowing riots and looting and ordering police to stand down or even bow to the mob?

but Mayor Mc Cheese never got blamed for the Hamburglar’s appetites…

19 blocks of protesters March to Deblaseos house demanding he resign yesterday. It’s a start.


…very telling but now, since it’s been spotlighted…it’s all different?

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Some of these Mayors are so jacked up only voter faud could of put the freak in office.

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That’s the real question.


Yes. How can they whine about systematic racism in their own departments yet claim they have nothing to do with it? It’s always somebody else’s fault.


Anything to defend the Dems.

Chauvin had numerous complaints against him prior to this debacle. It’s been said the local police union in Minneapolis somehow prevented him being disciplined.

The riots in Baltimore in 2015 began because the mayor ordered the police to “stand down”. Proved to be a reckless decision.

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Thanks for that information, we can add the failed Union to the Mayors problems.

Because the elections aren’t being held this minute?

No they didn’t. You guys are rewriting reality as it happens. That’s quite the achievement

They need to keep people like this in blue city police forces to have them do this kind of thing and keep the racist and excessive force police narrative alive as a left wing platform issue.